Things about me!!!


Hello my name is Benjamin and I am 13 years old. I am from Holland.

In Holland I lived in the city Utrecht, my old school’s name was the the USV.  It was not a very big school but it was fun there. After school I everyday  played soccer with my friends.
But now I live in Japan and I am at YIS.

In Holland people play a lot of soccer Here is an image of the dutch soccer team:

Source image

I have a dog Called Wall-e she is not so big. See image:

It is a very nice dog and she is also in Japan.

My hobby’s are playing soccer, skiing, sledging, other sports and that kind of things.

There is also a forest in holland where I used to come when I lived in holland. I like the nature there a lot. There are lots of things I like to do at Rumelaar : chopping wood making fire with the wood and watching animals.

My favourite sport is soccer and my favourite soccer club is ajax. Ajax is the soccer club of Amsterdam. They won the Dutch cup 31 times that are the most times of the whole of holland.


Here the link to the website and the logo

In the most mornings before the school I watch the news. This is the Dutch national news broadcaster. Here the link of the website of the nos.


  I like humor very much too here is a video what I think it is very funny:      the Video.

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