Final evening and ride back

End day 4


First we had diner after that everybody goes to his room.Go to the  onsen and  pack up. After that everybody needs to go to to the place we do the final evening.

First we played a game,about how much you learned about japan , Hakuba sports,and more. We were   so good our score was…. -20. After that the sits started.

I needed to do two skits because Charlie did not feel good it was fun but not for Charlie. I was Caring.After all skits and lots of talking and fun we need to go to our bed.

Next day we leaved we talked a lot and listen music buy lunches and we are back on school.

the field studie’s was very very very fun. My first field studie’s on YIS

Rest of the field studie Hakuba

Day 2 first we waked up and have breakfast. after that we put all the stuff out of the tent after that we put the tent on the side to let the tent dry we waited then we put the tents in the bag and put that in the car.

Than we went with the micro bus to the climbing wall and climbed the walls that was fun!!

than we went back to the camp site and go canoeing. First we must get the wet soots on and get the paddles. then we trained the techniques. Than they give us the canoes i was in the canoe with: William Tsuyoshi and I . Than we paddled to a area where we played a game blue canoes versus  the red ones finally the red team wins! Than we paddled to the swimming area than we swim for a view minutes than we need to go back to the camp site. i was a communicator.And go to the hotel and i had a funny little japanese room. At the and of the day we went hot air ballooning and that was cool!!! 

Day 3

First we waked up and we had breakfast. After that we did the river clean up but first we have been to ten ski jump stadium from the Olympics of Nagano 1998.We have seen people jump of the ski jump! We walked to the river and played and walked farther to the house of Evergreen. We lunch  and ten we have been mountain biking.

Day 4

Final hike.

First we have been to a sort of play park. than we had the hike. It was not easy when we had the lunch we told we gonna do 2 hours over it but it was a half hour! than we played for a long time.

Day 5

Way back.


Field studies favourite thing

Favourite thing.

My favourite thing on field studies is mountain biking.

It was fun lots of challenges, fast, big bumps and fun.

First we did a training. with how the brakes and the gears work.after that we started.the first part was flat but after that it was uphill than downhill that was difficult because you need to try hold your brakes in not to hard not to soft.

than we have been to the river we worked farther a bridge. than we leaved and go to it hink special for mountain bikers made a big bumps was not so big but it was funny!!Than we cycled to a other cross but it was longer and you need to go hard but no bumps.after that we did that one but than the half of the first one.  We ended cycling to climb up to the evergreen house

I was a little  bit a risk taker. 


Field studies Hakuba Part one

First we leaved on 6:45 am on 7:00 we go on the bus.We have seen lots of things like mount Fuji, villages And beautiful nature.
When we arrived we meet the Evergreen staff, after that we set up the tents with stones we hit the iron thing that don’t let the wind blow the tent away.
after that all we played games and did hike.In the hike i was a collaborator. To work together.
after the hike we had diner we ate pasta after that everybody goes to there tent to pick up warm clothes. A half our later everybody came to the camp fire.

And they make the wood on fire with a special way because the Olympic games are in Tokyo in 2020. We talked a lot over the studie can be that time i was a communicator.

after lots of songs , scary stories ,tricky riddles and hot chocolate with marshmallows we need to go to our bed.

Investigate reflection

In all my technology classes I worked on my blog brainstorm and blog research.In my blog brainstorm i tell what  i want to have on my blog.In my blog research i have looked at different blogs and rated them. I hope you enjoy!

This was my blog brainstorm.There where a lot of things i told that was important because i want to tell people a lot of things over where do i come from and sports and school / old school.And what i do on YIS and over my life. And now my blog research First i worked on my blog research then on my brainstorm. I hope you already Now what i want to have on my blog on my what i told you on my   blog brainstorm . now my blog research!

This was my blog research i worked a long time on it and i think i did a good job. I rated the blogs some good some not so good i hope made it clear with the reason why that is d]good or not so good. I think this was good because this was my first technology lessons (also on this school) for that reason i am proud on myself and hope to get better on this things. but i am happy with it.

My blog will represent me if i write posts about myself and post pictures/video’s

In class we studied what makes a good blog. We found 20 criteria what makes a good blog.from these criteria i think the following are very important:
1. links: because they provide more more information on a certain topic, i already have a link of a video and that is the reason because i already know how to do it. I am gonna add links when i find some new interesting video’s.

2. Search bar:handy because you don’t need to seek everything;  I already have one.
3. design: because with a good design the blog is more easy to read. I am gonna do this in my blog to watch what is difficult to read and chance it. 

With these three criteria i hope  to make my blog better!