Plan feflection

  • Introduction.

    I am reflecting my blog design and why it represents me. I worked on my 3 blog designs i choose the best one i made of the three designs. In class i label the things of the blog of paper. After that we begon of how to grow a blog.i was thinking how do i want my blog in june and what now and what between now and june.

    Why did you choose this blog theme? How does it represent you?

    It represents me because this was the blog that the most looked like i made on paper and that blog example was the blog what real represents me.Because of all the colours and i like colours.And when i open my blog i every time see my blog i see lots of colours and that it is what i like. and i wanna show what i like to do and show my home country and where i where i live now.

  • Benjamin
  • Is there anything else you need to learn to be able to grow your blog? How do you plan to learn these new skills before your continue developing your blog?

i wanna learn about the program to do photo’s on your blog and i do not know what i learn in the future and that things that i not know now.

this was my how to grow a blog and you can see what i want to do at it.


Conclusion: i have written down what i want my blog look like.

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  1. Great job Benjamin! I’m glad you found a design that you like 🙂 I like colors too! I’m looking forward to seeing how you develop your blog.

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