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In the create part of the design cycle we learned what we need to have on our blog and to make it very ‘me’. Now I will write what I think about that and learned.

I think i learned lots in this weeks and now i know how to work at my blog by myself! I am very happy with that because I can do lots of things with my     blog. And i think that is very important because I think you need that  very much. I am happy with my blog because I have a about me page To let people know who I am and what  like to do and lots more about me! Also I am happy with my theme because when you visit my blog on the top you see much colours and I like colours!   See image

Here s my blog now:

Conclusion: I leaned lots about my blog in Technology class and i think it looks much better than before. I hope it is gonna be even better in the future!



One thought on “Create Reflection

  1. Great job Benjamin! I’m so glad you have learned so much and you feel confident to work on your blog on your own! I know you have lots of ideas to keep improving your blog – like to add a new header image. I can’t wait to see how it looks in a few weeks!

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