Podcast book review.

In English class we created podcast book reviews. We chose a book and started to write things we wanted to focus on in our podcasts. I chose character. After that all we started to make the script for the podcast.  Then we learned about how to make a podcast  and made our own.

This is my podcast book review.

The name of the book is: Diary of a wimpy kid  and It Is written by Jeff Kinney.

I hope you enjoy it!


My favorite Tutorial

I would choose the first one the: 3 soccer moves to beat a defender because tricks are very important and handy in soccer.

And the tricks he explains are good.

 he did a very things good such as:

1.He speaks very clearly and i think it was not a voice over and i think he did that very well.

2.Also he explains very good how you need to do the soccer trick.

3.He also does the trick good and then he can better explain the trick.

These things makes it very helpful!