EAL writing task

For EAL we needed to make a writing task about acts of kindness here is mine.:


An act of kindness means that you are doing kind things to people to help them. An act of kindness is a kind act you are doing to someone and you want to show you are good person by doing something nice to the other people.


Here’s an example of an act of kindness. Mr. Fedly helped his sister when she did not go to school for a day and  left noodles in the sink. When his mother came home his mother saw the noodles in the two minute sink and then he said to his mother ‘I did it” because otherwise his sister could get in big trouble and when he said it he have got in less trouble then when  his sister got in trouble and he did not say “I did it”.


Here’s another example. Ms. Cofino helped Ms. Clifford. Ms. Clifford had a question, she asked Ms. Cofino to help her. Then Ms. Cofino walked upstairs and asked for the answer and then they gave the answer and then she got down and told Ms Clifford the answer of the question. And she felt happy after It.


Young people like us can help as well. We can clean dishes give people what they need sometimes. Clean your and other rooms, We can cook some small things for our parents. We also can do things for people if they ask that. Also you can be nice to each other and do things for them and they for you.


If people do not help others, then the world would be a complete mess such as some people are handicapped and they can not do some things and then they need help from other people because otherwise they will never get the things they want to have such as nice food  that people make for you.

Also you will maybe when you are sick because nobody helps you to get the right things or medicine and you will die. So important is helping each other so help the people who need help.

Image act of kindness


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