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In the plan stage of the design cycle we did a few things : storyboard,outline,timeline and now the reflect part of the design cycle. I am going to show you my storyboard and my timeline plan and I am going to explain it. Also I chose some things out of a list that we made with the class that we thought was important for our tutorials.

First my storyboard:

In here I am telling about what I want to show in my tutorial that I am going to make for technology. I want to make a tutorial about the basics of Dutch so people who want to learn some Dutch they can learn already the basics of the language and then they can already speak some.
I chose to make the basics of Dutch not more, because otherwise it would get a little bit messy and maybe some people will get confused because there are so many words in one video so I decided to do just the basics. I also thought I also need to learn the people some typical Dutch things because I thought people maybe find that interesting.

So I needed to choose three class criteria that I think I am going to do good in my tutorial. Here are my three criteria:
1. Step by step because otherwise you are doing everything in one time and then it might get messed up.
I am going to demonstrate this by show and do everything in steps not everything in one  time. Also I am doing everything a own take not everything in one take.
2. Credits so I can show  the people who helped me with making my tutorial.
I am going to make on the very end a clip with all the credits with the people who helped my with making my tutorial.
3. Focus so I focus on just one thing that is in my tutorial: the basics not other things.
I am doing this by doing just the basics of Dutch

I chose these criteria because I thought they were important for my tutorial.

Now my timeline plan. In my timeline I show what I want/need to do for my tutorial and what I need to get to make my tutorial. And also when I think it must be done.

That was my plan for making my tutorial.

I think my tutorial is going to be a pretty good tutorial because I planned everything well and I know what I want to do for my tutorial. Also I think it is good for a tutorial to learn people something that they want to learn.
I think the people are going to understand things in my tutorial, because I am trying to do everything not so fast and everybody can follow what I am saying in my tutorial.
I think I still need to learn how to do more things about the program for making/editing my tutorial.

I think you now know that planning for making a tutorial is not so simple. And also what you need to do in your tutorial and what not? Also you need to do things in steps not everything in one time.

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  1. Well done Benjamin! You have really thought about what will make a good tutorial for your audience – not only what will be interesting, but also what will be achievable for them. I wonder if your tutorial is popular, would you consider making more?

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