My Artist Statement


Hello I finished my painting for art that I was talking about!

painting Nelson Mandela

I painted Nelson Mandela, so I call my painting Madiba.
During making this painting I had some challenges such as: trying to fill everything up with colour. Also a challenge was that we could not use pure black or pure white. On the painting I have some white but it is mixed with a little black you can see the white on the flag and on his shirt.

I think my strengths are painting with a little mixed colours. I think my weakness is drawing shadows such as on the small island on the painting. I solved this problem by mix the yellow with a little purple and that made it look like a real shadow!
I show his identity by putting the South African flag on it. I also show the prison on Robben island where he was locked up for a lot years.
There is also one thing else: his shirt is black and white and that represents prison and black and white people.

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