My finished Tutorial!

I finished my tutorial of the basics of learn the basics of dutch! Here is it! I hope you enjoy!


I think I Met mostly all of the class criteria but I think I could still some things better: I could maybe add some tips and tricks so maybe tell how to pronounce the words well in Dutch. I could maybe speak some more clear and I think one time I I got a little off track.

I also had a lot of new ideas for a tutorial because I watched also some other tutorials from: Jan, William and Brazil.

First Jan’s tutorial.
From his tutorial I learned that you and also when you are going to learn people something that you first already show the finished product and so can people see what it is about and know what they are learning.

Now Williams tutorial.
From Williams tutorial I learned that your tutorial not have to bee very detailed but simple and I think simple was a good thing for his tutorial and I think also for other tutorials!

Now Brazil’s Tutorial.
From his tutorial I learned that you can have jus a lot filming not some bits where you write what you are going to do! and that makes bit faster behind everything and makes the tutorial not like five minutes(I think that is a little to much for a tutorial).

I still found some things difficult making my tutorial: the editing of the video and all the things I needed to do with the computer to make my tutorial.
I also found difficult finding a good background that is simple and not distracting.

Now…… my tutorial survey!
In this survey you can say you found good and not so good in my tutorial.

2 thoughts on “My finished Tutorial!

  1. I liked how you sat in the car and on the bike when you learned them that word.
    I liked how you did the numbers also in letters under you speaking.
    I liked how you did the growling lion because on the weapon there are 3 lions.
    I did not learn that much because I am already from holland so I already knew the words.
    You could make the effects/back ground all the same with the numbers because it was a little bit distracting.

  2. Great job Benjamin! Even though you think you could add a few more things, I think what you’ve completed is fantastic! I especially like how you have filmed in so many different locations – what a great idea to film in the car, and on the bike too! Well done!

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