drama trailer reflection

Hello, for drama we had to make a movie trailer. I made a movie trailer with Owen and Charlie and our movie is called: “Black Screen”. It is about a bird that makes the whole world black. a team needs to find an egg that was from that bird an if they would get it they would destroy it and then no any other bird could be born.

I think this was not so easy to make but I think we did a pretty good job.
first we were thinking what should we make our trailer about than we had an idea of that the nature takes over the world and then we thought that was really hard to make and film so we did not use that idea. then the next lesson Owen came up with Black screen so we used that.
together with the whole group we developed new ideas such as that a bird gives all the the trouble and not something else such a a human.
then we started filming and that was going pretty good so when were done filming we were going to export the movie from I movie to  garage band. Then we did the voice over and then we were done!

I think It was difficult to try to make up the whole movie because sometimes when you have a good idea it sometimes not works or it is very hard to make so I think that was difficult for me. But I still think I did a good job.

Angles and shots

For English we have started a new unit: a Film study!
At this moment we are talking about angles in pictures and movies.

Angles are used to explain what is happening in a scene, for example you can  show where they are in the scene, how they feel and what situation they are in.
Here are a few angles of pictures that we made on the roof  and I am going to explain them.


Close up

A close up is used to show just one thing, not more.It also shows what is  important in the scene. It is also used when they are making a close up of a person to express their feelings.


A worm’s eye view is when the angle is from down and then the person who you are filming looks very big and also mighty.

This is a bird’s eye view, it shows what is happening but it shows very many things. It can also show that a person is small and weak.

From this I learned that angles not only express in what situation they are and where they are but also how they feel or what the character is like!