Art printing reflection

For art we needed to make a printing block and then print with it.
(Here is mine)

Displaying photo.JPGIn my printing block I used a little bit of the Japanese culture because on a Japanese pattern I found a lot of round sushi so I then thought I could maybe use some rounds.
Also there were some straight lines between the Sushi’s so I could also use very straight lines in my print.
I used the rounds also because I otherwise did not have good even positive and negative space in my print. I used the straight lines for the diamond shape I wanted to use for my printing block. So I think the Japanese pattern helped me!

I think one of the hardest things of this project was: the carving itself because you needed to do it very careful and specific.
Because when you for example carved too far and got in the positive space, then you would have a problem. Also then it would be less clear what the positive and what the negative space is.
You also needed to carve forward and not towards your hand so you would not get cut in your hand.
So carving with detail is not so easy as you think! I think I solved this problems by carving carefully and not in a rush. I think I was pretty fast done because I carved also before school so I could work on and begin printing! I think I also just carved first the lines so I could already know where I should carve and from which side I should carve.

I learned that you first need to think hard and sketch your idea and when you think the idea you have is good you can use it but when you are not sure you can think a little longer about it and then you can find an awesome idea!
I think I can also use this in grade 7 and 8 because then if I take time I can also come up maybe with very good ideas!




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