PE basketball technique

For PE we needed to find a technique and then explain about it in fotobabble and we needed to do it with  claim, support and question.

Here is my claim:

And her is my support


And then finally my question:

Here I have my resources for the images:

Drama mime door

For Drama this unit we are doing mime, that is acting without props sound or voice.
For this project we were doing : opening a locked door.
Here is the video where me and Kai were opening a locked mime door:

7C Drama: Door Mime from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Our door had magically opened because we prayed. First I was trying to  do it with a pistol but that did not work then we looked under the door and then  Kai told me that we could pray, that did work.

When I was holding the mime pistol. saw it wasn’t vey heavy because i could easily hold it with one hand.
Also when I was tying my shoelaces you say the weight was close to nothing.
When I was holding the pistol I made a hand shape pistol because then you could see more clearly that it was a pistol.
Also when I was tying my shoelaces you saw I was doing that because I was going down and then you saw I was tying my shoelaces.

I think we did good reacted and did the things good at the same time when we did something. Also when we were making a mistake we very  fast reacted and then continue on doing what we needed to do.

Maybe the next time  I could get better in just be in my role and just do what I need to do and I could not get distracted then.
I sometimes got distracted of the audience and I got a little out of my role so could improv to not do anything with the audience.