Drama mime reflection

For drama mime unit we needed to do an act and this is my reflection for it!

Ok, first here is the mime act that I did with my group. The location is a passenger airplane and the name of the act is :”Bumpy Flight”.
Here is the video of the act:

7C Drama: Mime Scene from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoyed it and here are the questions and my answers.

How did I use the space?      +ve/-ve

How did I interact with other characters?

How was the mime believable? Not believable? Exp

We did not use very much space because a  passenger airplane is not very wide.

I think I Interacted the most with the other flight attendant because when she did something wrong I became a bit angry at her. I think also we interacted when the passengers wanted three glasses of alcoholic drinks.

I think I also Interacted with the old man because I made him calm by giving him another cup and then he wasn’t very angry anymore. I think that were the two character I interacted (the most) with.

I think the mime was believable because we all used the mime objects well and clearly showed what something was.
I think we also showed very clear what we were doing.
But I think it became a bit less believable because the flight attendant seats were not on the side they are on an airplane but it think because of that the audience did see us better.

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