During music class we have learned more about notes and clefs.
We have learned the base clef in class the notes and where they are.
We also learned that the bass clef symbol was an old fashioned F so it is also sometimes called the F clef.

Here is an image of the bass clef

Link image.

We have also worked on  finding the slurs on a music sheet.
A slur is a line from a note to another note and it means it is done in one breath when you sing it.

The curved lines above the notes are the slurs.
Here I have an example from Jingle bells.

From jingle bells slur

Link image.

We also learned some words such as Range. Range is  the distance between  the highest and the lowest pitch of the melody. So  It is the number of notes it is from the lowest to the highest note.

We are now also doing a program called staff wars to practice the notes of the bass and the treble cleff.



here is a quiz where you can test if you know everything I have told you in this blog post.

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