I pads yes or no

In science we are talking about elements and compounds.
The illegal mined minerals are called conflict minerals,  Conflict minerals’ are minerals mined in conditions of armed conflict and human rights abuses . the most of them are mined in Congo.
What conflict minerals are mined in Congo?
Congo produces coltan, tin, gold and tungsten.
Who mines all those minerals?
The minerals are mined by normal citizens and the government does not pay enough money for the safety of the miners so that is why it is about the toughest job that exists. Also children work so for them it is even more exhausting.
Also the miners get barely enough money to survive. Because if they find lots of tin they get just five dollars.

Mostly they are not exported by Congo itself but mostly it is smuggled to Uganda and Rwanda and then then they go to other country’s.
Also the miners who do the hard work does not get the money of the minerals but mostly the army commanders and they  buy weapons from that money.

A mineral that is used a lot in i pads is tin It also mined in Congo and mining it is dangerous and also people get about 5$ a day if they work really hard and find lots of tin.

So because if I see this I think we can continue the I pad program but I think we should not buy lots of new I pads.
I think if we stopped the I pad program the miners have worked really hard to make it and it is weird if you then just put the I pads away they have worked and been exhausted and not happy and you just put away what they have worked really hard for.


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