During today’s tutor class we talked about organisation.
Here are 5 things i would like to improve on

1.  Keeping my desk clean

2. Every time checking if my my devices are switched off properly

3. Check my calendar and veracross more times

4. make sure I have done everything I have to do

5. Keep everything easy to follow


During science class we have dissected a pig’s eye. We needed to label some parts of the eye an i have listed them on an image:

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 4.51.37 PM


And here is how the eye works.
Fist the light waves go through the cornea, the layer that protects the pupil and the iris. Then the light goes through the pupil, the iris controls the size of the of the pupil because when it’s dark it makes your pupil big to let as much light waves in as possible so the you can see something. And when you look at something shining very bright  it makes your pupil small to let as less as possible amount of light waves in, because otherwise it hurts.
When the light waves went through the pupil it goes to the lens, the lens focusses the image. After that the image is formed on your cornea. Then the image is upside down because of the lens. When that is done the message of the image you see is sent to the brain by the optic nerve, the brain also flips the image again.
And the you see!

Drama video

For drama we watched a video and we needed to choose to characters to explain about.
Here is the video:


Here are my answers on the questions with the answers




Identify the major Action/Gestures

She puts her hands together and rubs her feet over the ground.

I think she looks a bit nervous because of  that.

He looked at the girl and walked a bit angry and moved his arms too so I think he looked a bit curious.

Identify the major Facial Expressions

Her facial expression was happy but you also saw she was thinking about what the boy was going to reply so she was a bit nervous too.

When he looked at the paper his mouth was open and  he looked frustrated.

Identify the major Postures

when she has the letter  back she kisses the paper and she pushes the paper to her heart. It looks like it is the  best day of her life.

At the beginning he made himself look tall and wanted to show how powerful he is.

Create a Background Story based on the scene

She is in love with a boy about her age and they give each other written messages by a hole through the wall. But then their parents come and get them inside.

He has a daughter and he does not want her to communicate with the neighbour boy.

What actions, gestures or facial expressions could you use in your mime and why?

I think the hands to the heart you could use well because it really clearly shows her emotions.

I think I could use the shocked face when he reads the letter that the boy gave back.

Music Jingle bells/Yesterday

For music we played jingle bells and here are the melody and the chords:

And here here is Jingle bells played with a partner.

Also for homework we needed to sing yesterday…
Here is it:

And here finally is my Jingle bells music sheet. The circles around some of the notes  are  the leaps, leaps mean that notes have a distance of about  3 places or more.
The lines above the notes are the slur, that means if you  sing it you sing it in one breath.


jingle bells sheet