why do we read?

December 2014

First, here is some information that you might need for this post – Fiction stories are not real stories and nonfiction stories are ( sometimes based on) real happened stories.
In class we made a padlet and then everyone could say why they read.

I think why we read depends on what kind of book we are reading and if the books are fiction and non fiction.
I think we mostly read fiction stories to relax and/or to enjoy ourselves. I read mostly because I like it and I to read fun books.But I think when people read non-fiction stories and people do not like it and they maybe do it for school I think they do it for knowledge and to learn from it. I think people read nonfiction to be inspired by what happened an they also want to learn about it.
But personally I think people mostly read for fun and because they like the books they are reading. Another reason  people read to get better with our vocabulary and learn new words.

Here is an example of a fiction story.




And here is an example of a nonfiction story and gives you real information.




Here is a link of a website that you can use for other reasons.

One thought on “why do we read?

  1. I think you had great detail overally since you put a lot of examples in it and had your own opinion in it. I learned that people also read non-fiction to get inspiring ideas and to learn new words. I think next time, you should actually link the ‘link’ because its not linked. And I also like reading fiction books too! So…yeah.

    -Shadowhawk a.k.a. Shion

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