blues unit post

Hello readers

During music class we are learning about the blues. We  have learned about the history of it in class and we also had a guest who taught us about the blues. He was called ‘Steve Gartner’ he played blues  and he taught us  two times.

In the blues there is  the 12 bar blues, I have played it on the piano an it are the chords c, f and g and it it goes like c-c-c-c-f-f-c-c-f-c-c in the c version, here I have an audio recording of it:

Here are two images that might help you understand the 12 bar blues better,


12 bar blues

12 bar blues

There is also the blues scale on the piano, I have recorded myself playing it:

You can also do the blues scale with other notes.

And finally there is the walking bass, there are some versions of that one too but I’ll just let you hear the normal one:

Here is one picture with the notes of the walking bass, so people who can read a bit of notes can do it!

walking bass notes

Here I have a last version of the extended walking bass 12 bar version:



So, in the blues there are a lot of basic things you can do on the piano, but mr.  Gardner tought us that the instrument is the same thing but your voice.