After field studies blog post

Field studies was awesome!

During field studies the first day we did teamwork activities. The second day we went canyoning and in the afternoon rafting. The third day canoeing and mountain biking. the fourth day we went rock climbing and geocaching. And finally the last day we went packing and we left .

Of all these activities I think I like canyoning the best because we made loads of jumps, slides and those kind of things.  I think these things also made it the most exiting activity. I don’t think there were any very scary activities we did during field studies. I think the most unexpected thing was the mountain biking because I first heard that it was okay for people who could ride a bike on a car park. But when we actually did it, it was awesome and way more awesome and more difficult that I thought it would be.  I think I have been a risk taker during this field studies because I did loads of new things that I haven’t done before in my life.
I think this was one of the best  field studies I had and will have during my school time.


canoeing with William

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