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In humanities our unit is development and we just started working with a program called Gapminder. 


Population growth and GDP per capita

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 11.45.47 AM

I tested this using the countries Mexico and Japan. The population growth went down in both countries, and at the same time in those countries the GDP per  capita went up. You can see this on the Gapminder screenshot I made. I think from these results we can see, how lower the population growth is, how larger the GDP per capita is in countries. This is also the main interrelation with these two development indicators. This might be because when people have more money, they want to keep it and not spend  it all on having many children. Also, it might be because they don’t need many children to maybe help them. This then might be the cause of getting a smaller population growth for countries with a higher average of GDP per capita. 



Child mortality and children per woman(fertility rate).

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.00.12 PM 1

I think, here again, we can clearly see that with these two countries and other countries on the world. First the countries had many children and also had a pretty high child mortality. But though time we can see that the countries I selected are getting less children and also there is a way lower child mortality. People might think they don’t need as many children because less of them die and otherwise they get too many. So again, this relation is clear to see with these countries the interrelation is clear to see, the lower the child mortality, the lower the number of children per woman is.  But finally we can still see that Mexico is still getting less children a bit slower but it has a bit more steady pace of getting towards the most developed countries.



Literacy rate and life expectancy


Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.25.13 PM


For this one, there was no data of Japan, so here I used China instead.

I think here it is clear that when the literacy rate goes up, the life expectancy goes up too. I think because of this, these indicators of development are probably again interrelated. This might be that more people get good education, they can have more specialized people and doctors, and because of that, people can have longer lives in these countries because it is easier to stay healthy for people. This also finally  might helps countries develop a bit more.



Birth rate and HDI(Human Development Index)

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.42.46 AM

With these indicators I went switched back China to Japan and kept Mexico. I think from this screenshot of Gapminder we can see that between these two indicators, the interrelation is not very strong because the number of birth changes less quickly than the HDI of the two countries which changes relatively quickly. But I think It is still clear to see that in general, the birth rate goes down when the HDI goes up in these and other countries. We can also see that when countries get more developed, the number of children that people get goes down slightly. We could also see this and interrelate this a bit in the Gapminer chart for the cild mortality and the number of children women get.



From all these tests, I can see that most of these indicators that I decided to pair up were mostly all clearly interrelated. Also I think it is interesting that most of these indicators are pretty different like GDP per capita and population growth, but still Gapminder shows that in some way, they do interrelate each other. Also we can see that Mexico might be a bit behind with development, but they are catching up with the more developed countries.



2 thoughts on “Gapminder development post

  1. I really liked how you paired literacy rate and life expectancy together because it is true, if someone is smarter and can read, they are most likely able to get a better job, earn more money, and have access to nicer things (food health – hospitals – et. ) I think it is interesting that the child mortality dropped so low for both countries. I would have thought Mexico would have stayed in the high numbers.
    It is interesting also that because Mexico is under developed, the more developed country always has better results. It’s amazing how much development can do for a country.
    Overall, it was very interesting to see how Japan and Mexico compare.

    1. I think I agree with most of the results, but I think Mexico is right now developing and also it is moving up even though i didn’t see the chart. That is about the only thing that I disagree a bit with but with the rest I think about the same. But overall, thanks for the comments!

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