My Spanish goals


For Spanish class we had to create some goals  that we wanted to achieve in Spanish class this year. In this post I will list them.


Goal 1

My first goal is that by the end of this unit, to be able to be able to use at least 90% the Spanish verbs and basic language we have learned last year and are revising now using written and spoken communication. I will do this by looking through my old Spanish folder, notebook and workbook to revise the material that I have learned last year and because of that refresh my mind. I think this is very important for me to do this because this will make it easier for me to communicate in Spanish in class, do written and spoken tasks better and finally to make it easier to learn new material because I already know the basics.


Goal 2

My second goal is that by the end of this semester to master all the verb conjugations that we learned last year an what is necessary for this semester. I will do this by trying to make lists in my notebook that say the rows of the types of conjugations like the yo and nosotros conjugations on the side and then writing a verb at the top of the page. Then I’ll write the word down but then conjugated for that was listed on the side. I will do this for as many verbs possible. I think this is important because this will make it easier to talk to people and to write letters or other written messages.


Goal 3

And finally, my last goal for this whole year is to take as many notes as I can in my notebook when we are learning important new material. I have not done this very much last year but I think it could really come in handy for practicing for upcoming tests and assessments. And so finally this could make my revising easier because I have my notes ready to use.


Thank you for reading!