Spanish end of unit reflection

Hello, we have just finished our Spanish unit and I think I have achieved many things. First of all, I think that throughout this unit, I have refreshed on about all the things we have learned last year so I can use them this year. Also to add on to what I already knew, I have learned a lot of new vocabulary and grammar techniques and used them in my pieces of writing to show my understanding and enhance the quality of my work.
Furthermore I think my level of speaking also went up because of all the new things I learned this unit and apply them in my conversations. Also when I talk and I want to know a specific word is in Spanish or what an english word is in Spanish. This also bit by bit makes it easier for me to have even fuller and better conversations for both speaking and listening. I think I should keep on doing these things so I can make sure my Spanish keeps improving and I can do things speaking and writing easier.

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