Spanish end of year reflection


We have almost finished this school year and with this, the year of Spanish class. This is my reflection for this year.


What I’m most proud of: I am really proud of the very large amount of vocabulary that I have mastered  during this school year. This made my speaking, writing and listening skills and fluency very good and made it a a lot easier for me to communicate in the Spanish language which is my main goal to master in the time that  I am having Spanish class. This improved these skills a lot from the beginning of the year, when I was struggling alot to even have fairly basid conversations with others around me. I am also very happy with the amount of different conjugations I have mastered this year. At the beginning I just spoke present tense, while I now know two other major conjugations and some others. Those two main ones were future and preterite tense which again, made it a lot easier for me to communicate with others.

Do I consider myself a Spanish speaker?: No, I don’t because I am still away from fluency, but I do want to keep on learning and pushing to become a real Spanish-speaker.

What would I do differently if I could do the course again?:
I would try to focus a bit more on the constant flow of new vocabulary so I would master them more quickly which would make it easier for me to use them in quickly upcoming assessments, pieces of writing and conversations and not just in later ones.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 3 next year?
1. I need to keep on revising my conjugations and vocabulary
2. I need to regularly, have a Spanish conversation with my siblings or other Spanish-speakers.
3. I need to revise my notes from the previous 2 years so I remember everything to start Spanish again, fully ready.