Drama elevator scene reflection


for drama, we did our elevator scene and here  is it:

8B Drama: Elevator Scene5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I did  this scene together with Darshan, Emilee, Grace and Shion.
I think my whole group did a very good job of staying in their role during the scene. This was a great improvement of the character meeting of the girls because, they were out of their role at a moment because they were laughing. I think we also made it  a bit more believable because of this. One stereotype I used in the scene is one of a sick person because I tried to look sick by coughing, not sitting up completely straight and not having a very happy smile on my face. Also I tried to let the doctor do the work like grabbing my arm and pushing my hand on my arm. This was simple but I think that did show my status well. I think my vocals helped a bit because I talked softly and did like I was weak. I think also I didn’t have any special relation with the others but the only one my character at least knew was the brain surgeon.

I also developed though the scene because at first I was coughing and saying nothing, but at the end I was actually the person who fixed the elevator because I was technician and told the doctor where to open something and then I fixed the elevator. By doing this I influenced and developed the scene and everyone in it a lot by myself even though I didn’t talk much during the scene.

I think during this unit I have made progress with staying completely in my role, this is because at the beginning of the unit I sometimes still showed a bit that I laughed in myself but I think in the elevator scene, I was completely in my role and didn’t get out of it. I think I have also learned good how to use stereotypes while acting, I showed that a bit during the scene too. I think the challenging part of this unit was organising everything for the scene with my group because we have talked a lot about how we wanted to have things. But finally we decided what we wanted to do and I think that made the scene good. Lastly, next time I could improve by facing the audience a bit more because during the scene at some points I was facing the side of the room and not the audience.

Stereotypes and characters

For Drama we were talking about stereotypes and characters.
First, a stereotype is something we first think about when we think of something or someone but is mostly not really the real thing. Or maybe for Japan, you think everything is beautiful and has nice architecture. But that is not everywhere, many places in japan are not very beautiful and don’t have very nice architecture. A stereotype is useful when you need to make something clear quickly like in an acting game or something like that. Because it is inaccurate we can also know that it does not tell the whole story or the details about someone. I is just the general idea, also the saying: “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” can also represent this clearly. The cover is the stereotype then for the saying but the inside can be something way different.