Unit 3 reflection


We have just finished unit 3 in Spanish class and I am going to reflect on it in 4 different ways.

First I will do it using the movie and series of Harry Potter and comparing my learning with the movies/books. One thing that makes my work and progress like Harry potter is that I had to face many new things, rules and vocab and I quickly had to learn  how to use them and cope with them. Harry Potter also had to continuously do this in his adventures on Hogwarts.
Also In this unit I have had to keep on practicing my skills and  study continuously in order to make sure that I am ready to face big tasks and challenges ahead which was with me quizzes, assessments and of course, just communicating in Spanish. Harry Potter also always studied hi spells and magic knowledge in order to be prepared to face death eaters and the dark Lord.
Furthermore, this unit I had to make sure that I had good time management because also outside of class I had to make sure I balanced my Spanish work and studying well with work from from other classes and my after school activities. Harry Potter does this because he has a lot of work, but also has to balance it out with Quidditch which he has to train for a lot, this is sometimes very hard for him.
This unit, I have repeat many things over and over again to make sure it becomes easier for me when it comes to real life situations and of course the tests and assessments that come up. This was important because otherwise i wouldn’t get used to it which would cause me to be unfamiliar with how to actually apply what you just learned, in life which is is very important. In Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix this was also key because they couldn’t actually learn and do things in their defence against the dark arts classes because of professor Umbridge, this causes them to have to apply the real stuff out of class to get ready for the challenges where you actually need the skills.
Furthermore in this unit I have had to revise my old knowledge to make sure everything i did stays in my mind and adding the new and extra knowledge to it. In harry potter, he keeps on learning new spell.s and tricks in school, but he does always also practice and perform older spells to make sure that he can combine the things together so he is a 100% ready to face his challenges.
Also, in this unit i have used many different ways to study like my workbook, studyspanish and quizlet. This really helped me learn how the new concepts on different ways which helped me to make sure that I understand everything better that I do in Spanish class. Harry Potter has this because he learns things by just books, but also with different teachers on different ways, this allows him to know things better because he learns things from so many different sources.
Finally, in this unit I have improved on my Spanish by always Writing down the things that I do not know and understand to expand my vocabulary which could then enhance my overall Spanish speaking, reading, listening and writing skills which could then help me further in this class. Harry potter also had this by always being keen about learning new things and asking his friends and family about what happened to his family and what the dark side is doing.

Also, in this class I have learned about with the best ways are to work and remember things that i have learned as well as possible. The analysing of texts that I do in Spanish class has helped me in many other classes because now I look at texts more critically and also in English and other Subjects, I am trying to learn more and more vocabulary so I always ask or make a note about things that I don’t know so i can expand my knowledge and understanding about many new things and concepts which will help me in many further stages in life.

If I had to create a headline about my learning in this unit it would be: ‘Hard with struggles but paying off in the end’. it would be like this because in this unit, I was struggling with the new concepts and different kinds of conjugations. But I think that at the moment I am practicing and improving constantly to make sure that I do well at everything that we have learned at the end of the unit.

And finally I chose to for my learning, tell about how I felt during this unit with all my work and with that progress. At the beginning of this unit with the preterite tense, I was nervous because it were so many more new things that I had to do and learn in order to be comfortable with this. Also, throughout the unit I found that it was still hard to get to know all the important material of what we did in class and I was struggling a bit with making sure that I conjugated everything well in the preterite tense and did it in the right form. I was a bit stressed about this but that did motivate me to practice even harder to make sure that I learned everything that was important as quick and well as possible in order to make sure I’m on track. I think that now i feel more positive because I have practiced a lot on this and because of that, feel more comfortable with conjugating in the preterite tense in Spanish. I think that even though we are still going, I can feel proud of the level i am at and be ready for the challenges and tests ahead.

Overall, I think that at the start of the unit I found some things hard but throughout the unit I practiced which caused me to know how to do the things we had to and learn throughout this unit.

My Spanish goals


For Spanish class we had to create some goals  that we wanted to achieve in Spanish class this year. In this post I will list them.


Goal 1

My first goal is that by the end of this unit, to be able to be able to use at least 90% the Spanish verbs and basic language we have learned last year and are revising now using written and spoken communication. I will do this by looking through my old Spanish folder, notebook and workbook to revise the material that I have learned last year and because of that refresh my mind. I think this is very important for me to do this because this will make it easier for me to communicate in Spanish in class, do written and spoken tasks better and finally to make it easier to learn new material because I already know the basics.


Goal 2

My second goal is that by the end of this semester to master all the verb conjugations that we learned last year an what is necessary for this semester. I will do this by trying to make lists in my notebook that say the rows of the types of conjugations like the yo and nosotros conjugations on the side and then writing a verb at the top of the page. Then I’ll write the word down but then conjugated for that was listed on the side. I will do this for as many verbs possible. I think this is important because this will make it easier to talk to people and to write letters or other written messages.


Goal 3

And finally, my last goal for this whole year is to take as many notes as I can in my notebook when we are learning important new material. I have not done this very much last year but I think it could really come in handy for practicing for upcoming tests and assessments. And so finally this could make my revising easier because I have my notes ready to use.


Thank you for reading!

Entrevista Enrique


Les presento a Enrique. El tiene catorce años,  y él es de Francia. A Enrique  le gusta dormir, aprender el español y jugar al baloncesto. Pero a Enrique no le gusta estudiar, dar una caminata y tener hambre. También a Enrique le gusta comer; le gusta comer la pizza, brocoli, galletas y papas fritas. A Enrique le gusta beber coca cola, jugo y agua. Pero a Enrique le gusta practicar deportes,  a Enrique le gusta un poco jugar al fútbol.  A Enrique le gusta aprender el español. Finalmente, su número de teléfono es 090-6666-9999.