My unit progress


In music class we are working on our unit of soundtracks and with half of the class we are working on the Hedwigs theme which is the theme song of the movie Harry Potter. I have improved and developed on many aspects and I am going to explain a few of them in this post.

I learned how to play my part by first by playing parts step by step. At the very beginning I did not know yet how to play the song properly so I started to play the very first part many times until I completely mastered it and could play it comfortably without having to think about the notes that I should play. After that I can add another bit of music to add onto the part I already know how to play. I then practice until I can play those 2 pieces smoothly. I use this technique repetitively and play what I know many times in between until I have mastered the whole song. When I knew the whole song I continued my progress to finally play together with the whole class at the MS concert.

At this moment I could Improve my playing for the concert by only playing with one hand because it is inconvienient when I play it with 2 hands because then if I maybe have to play the chords later of this or another song, I would not be able to play them at the same time which is a key part of playing the piano.

After that I started playing together with my classmates including Sarah, that helped me develop my skills on the piano and playing Hedwig’s theme because my rhythm in my individual playing was not very consistent and accurate. I did this by after I practiced my piece or a part of it, I would play together with a classmate so I could get used to playing my song and the piece that I learned at the correct speed and playing at the correct side of the piano so the combination of the two players would sound better. This is/was a key part when playing as a group/duo on one piano because we have to share piano during the actual piece and this would help me get used to playing the piano like this. Now after practicing in a duo, our playing sounded nice and synchronized which is important during a performance in a group.

At this moment I could Improve my playing by repeating this step many times to make sure that I play everything correctly and that I am ready to play as a whole class and after that for the final performance.

And finally the final step I improved on during my progress was when I mastered the whole song to correctly start playing at the correct moment because after I learned how to play the melody, I got another music sheet which showed what we needed to play but also when to play while playing as a group which I didn’t yet know. So, when I got the music sheet I first practiced myself to try to master it by myself. After I practiced the song using the new timing I practiced with the whole class to make sure everyone plays at the correct time of the performance and in sink. This sounded a lot better than by myself because of the wide variety of instruments we used during our performance. Because we were under time pressure the whole class including me worked hard to play together as one band to get ready for the final performance at the MS concert a little while later.

I think when we were done with my final practice I had mastered everything that I needed for playing the song and was ready for the performance, because of this I had the feeling that I was completely ready to perform at the spring concert.

And finally, at the day of the concert, about all of the performers did well and I thought that we mostly played better than all the practices in class and in the auditorium itself

I think I could have Improved on during my practice time to practice to learn to the play notes without having to write down the letter form of the notes beforehand, this could let me extend my piano skills by being able to read the notes and being able to play them directly while seeing them.



Original song using chords



For music we are creating and practicing a song. We have done this in groups of three. In my group I had Ryan, Quirijn and myself. We have all played different parts: Quirijn did the base line, Ryan the melody and I did the chords in the song.  Here is the song(it is not a direct recorded piece but but put together using garageband) :



I hope you enjoyed listening it if you listened to it.
I think our whole group helped in this process but I think Ryan did a lot because of the writing. I think In our piece we knew our pieces well, that is why I think that all of the parts were played fluently by my group on the sound file. I think I also learned many parts of the song in a very short period of time. I think this is good because in this music unit there were many new things for me. I think now I know most of the concepts that we have learned about in this music unit

At the begin of the process of the song we chose who was playing what. I was playing the chords, Ryan was playing the melody and Quirijn the base line. Then I think Ryan did the most of the creating of the song, he did a great job doing this. When we practiced also Quirijn and I also gave some advice and because of that also helped creating itself because of this. Also during the practicing, I also created because I chose when to play the chords, that was sometimes different from how it was at the begin plan that Ryan had created. We have also worked before and after school with our group to improve our playing skills as a group, I think this was very useful for me and my other group members. Also, during the performance there was a misunderstanding between us and two of us stopped. But, because it was not the end, Ryan kept playing. This made our performance way better then it would be if he had stopped, he saved the performance.

I think I am still struggling with the concept of reading notes on a sheet quick enough to then play it on the piano and still keep the piece I am playing. I want to improve this by reading more and more notes so it will be easier for me to play and read more quicker behind each other. If I learn to do this, I will be able to play better in groups and will make my performances better.

Also, In this unit we have been working on a chord progression. In this progression we learned how to use inversions. Inversions are chords but played with the same notes but at a higher or a bit lower place. They are used to make the playing of them easier and make the music sound more smooth when played. It makes it playing easier because sometimes you have to move your hand very rapidly and that’s difficult. When we did this project, we also learned how to use roman numerals to indicate the chords that we play. And finally we learned what major and minor chords are and how we should play them on the piano.


As a conclusion I think this unit went well for me, I worked well with others, by myself and I learned many new things and concepts about music.