When I was born I was baptized in a protestant church. When I was small sometimes I also went to church on Sundays. I have not really done very many things with the protestant religion. I do celebrate events like Easter and Christmas with my family and sometimes with friends. I also went to church one week before easter. It is called Palm Sunday as a child you walk with a cross of wood and then you have a bread chicken or rooster on top of it and there is also a special kind of branch on it. I think religion has affected me in several ways. I think it made me a bit more knowledgeable about how other people think and I think I have also learned how to respect that.

The story of Yokohama

In humanities class we have been working on the story of Yokohama. We all went on a field trip through Yokohama and then learn about the history. Then we needed to make a presentation about a question that we chose for ourselves. Here is my presentation:


In all the presentations of my classmates I have also learned more things about the city and it’s history.
I have learned a lot about that commodore Perry influenced Japan a lot by showing technology, western style of clothing and food to Japan. I have also learned that because of this Japan copied all the western things and developed faster than all western countries. I have also learned that the great Kanto earthquake nearly destroyed everything of Yokohama. This was also because there were loads of wooden houses.

Humanities child labour

Hello readers,

For humanities we have a project to be a person during the industrial revolution for or against child labour. I am the lawyer of Henry Jones, a doctor that supports child labour. Here is a little article about me and Henry Jones.


I am called Jack Williams and my profession is a lawyer. I am a part of the national Lawyers association. I have won lots of debates for my clients. I am now living in London and help the top people who need a lawyer. I have a big passion for my job and being active. I am right now  working for the doctor Henry Jones.


The advanced and proved doctor henry jones in an expert at the health of people and children. He is now researching about child labour and the health of the children working in the factories. The fact that he is a proved good doctor by the doctors association it will surely will be true if he says it. He is visiting factories in the textile industries and more and will get as much evidence as possible to start a debate. I will be supporting him during his debate.


Humanities civilisation project

For humanities we made a National geographic.
In the national geographic we showed a by ourself made up civilisation, mine is called: Benji country.

You can recognise a civilisation by: it has a culture, government, economy,river, language, and o way of getting food.
My favourite page of my national geographic is my front page because I think that was very good;

front page of my national geographic

I am proud of myself because I think I did a good job because I worked very hard on it and I think I did a good job.

I learned what a civilisation is and how you can make a your own civilisation and also how can you make a national geographic.