My finished Tutorial!

I finished my tutorial of the basics of learn the basics of dutch! Here is it! I hope you enjoy!


I think I Met mostly all of the class criteria but I think I could still some things better: I could maybe add some tips and tricks so maybe tell how to pronounce the words well in Dutch. I could maybe speak some more clear and I think one time I I got a little off track.

I also had a lot of new ideas for a tutorial because I watched also some other tutorials from: Jan, William and Brazil.

First Jan’s tutorial.
From his tutorial I learned that you and also when you are going to learn people something that you first already show the finished product and so can people see what it is about and know what they are learning.

Now Williams tutorial.
From Williams tutorial I learned that your tutorial not have to bee very detailed but simple and I think simple was a good thing for his tutorial and I think also for other tutorials!

Now Brazil’s Tutorial.
From his tutorial I learned that you can have jus a lot filming not some bits where you write what you are going to do! and that makes bit faster behind everything and makes the tutorial not like five minutes(I think that is a little to much for a tutorial).

I still found some things difficult making my tutorial: the editing of the video and all the things I needed to do with the computer to make my tutorial.
I also found difficult finding a good background that is simple and not distracting.

Now…… my tutorial survey!
In this survey you can say you found good and not so good in my tutorial.

Plan reflection


In the plan stage of the design cycle we did a few things : storyboard,outline,timeline and now the reflect part of the design cycle. I am going to show you my storyboard and my timeline plan and I am going to explain it. Also I chose some things out of a list that we made with the class that we thought was important for our tutorials.

First my storyboard:

In here I am telling about what I want to show in my tutorial that I am going to make for technology. I want to make a tutorial about the basics of Dutch so people who want to learn some Dutch they can learn already the basics of the language and then they can already speak some.
I chose to make the basics of Dutch not more, because otherwise it would get a little bit messy and maybe some people will get confused because there are so many words in one video so I decided to do just the basics. I also thought I also need to learn the people some typical Dutch things because I thought people maybe find that interesting.

So I needed to choose three class criteria that I think I am going to do good in my tutorial. Here are my three criteria:
1. Step by step because otherwise you are doing everything in one time and then it might get messed up.
I am going to demonstrate this by show and do everything in steps not everything in one  time. Also I am doing everything a own take not everything in one take.
2. Credits so I can show  the people who helped me with making my tutorial.
I am going to make on the very end a clip with all the credits with the people who helped my with making my tutorial.
3. Focus so I focus on just one thing that is in my tutorial: the basics not other things.
I am doing this by doing just the basics of Dutch

I chose these criteria because I thought they were important for my tutorial.

Now my timeline plan. In my timeline I show what I want/need to do for my tutorial and what I need to get to make my tutorial. And also when I think it must be done.

That was my plan for making my tutorial.

I think my tutorial is going to be a pretty good tutorial because I planned everything well and I know what I want to do for my tutorial. Also I think it is good for a tutorial to learn people something that they want to learn.
I think the people are going to understand things in my tutorial, because I am trying to do everything not so fast and everybody can follow what I am saying in my tutorial.
I think I still need to learn how to do more things about the program for making/editing my tutorial.

I think you now know that planning for making a tutorial is not so simple. And also what you need to do in your tutorial and what not? Also you need to do things in steps not everything in one time.

What makes a great teacher?

In the investigate part of the design cycle we learned lots about tutorials. In tutorials you teach about a thing you want to learn the people and where you are good at.

Here is what a great teacher needs:
A Great teacher needs to explain everything clearly so everyone can understand it. Also a great teacher needs to not do everything in one time but in clear steps.
The teacher needs to speak loud and clearly so everything is easy to follow.
The Teacher should be communicating enthusiastic and passionate.
When the teacher shows something he needs to show everything good so everyone can see it well. When the teacher makes a video and the teacher is outside when the video is shown, maybe a voice over is needed, because then everyone can hear what happens in the video.

I thought the best IB learner profile for the Investigate part is “approaches to learning” because we are talking about tutorials and tutorials are things you want to learn other people.



I Technology class we made a practice tutorial and we selected our favourite tutorial. Now I am going to tell you the differences between them and what i think is the best. And finally I am going to talk about what I learned.

My favourite tutorial & my practice tutorial :


1.My practice tutorial was in steps and my favourite tutorial did not had much steps. I think it is clear when it has steps.
2.My practice tutorial was a presentation and my favourite tutorial a video. I think it depends on the subject what is best.
3.My practice tutorial had written words and my favourite tutorial was spoken. I think it is more clear when you hear the explanation and see it at the same time.
4. In my practice tutorial  talked about one thing and in my favourite tutorial he talked about more things. I think it is more clear when you do just one thing, not more.

What I learned is how to make a great tutorial. How do you do that?
To show everything in clear steps, to look at the subject and choose what is the best way to present your tutorial, to add spoken words to make it more clear and finally to talk about just one thing and not more.


We have all commented on the favourite tutorials of the people of my grade. I have commented on the the blogs of : Kenryo,Tsuyoshi and Quirijn. Of all the tutorials i learned something.

Here is Quirijn’s favourite tutorial, I learned of it that when you shoot a layup you need to shoot the ball when you are going past the net, not when you are standing still and not moving.Also you need to have the ball in you left hand when you come from the left side and when you come from the right side you need to have the ball in you right hand,also when you are not so big you need to jump higher.

Here is kenryo’s favourite tutorial. I think this is a very good tutorial because I learned 4 very good magic tricks and they are simple to do such as you have a paper simple phone and you talk and somebody is very bad to you you can burn it or rip the paper.
It Is a very good tutorial because it are pretty simple tricks and you can do them also very simple. He also speaks clearly and explains well how the trick works.

And here the last tutorial is from Tsuyoshi. I learned from this tutorial how you can make with just a pen/pencil, a ruler and an eraser on a simple way very cool 3D letters.

We also have made a tutorial research,we looked to 3 or more tutorials and we rated them here is my tutorial research



What I learned from the Investigate part of the design cycle is : how to make a perfect tutorial and how to make a simple tutorial on google presentations,I think that were also the most important parts we needed to learn.

My favorite Tutorial

I would choose the first one the: 3 soccer moves to beat a defender because tricks are very important and handy in soccer.

And the tricks he explains are good.

 he did a very things good such as:

1.He speaks very clearly and i think it was not a voice over and i think he did that very well.

2.Also he explains very good how you need to do the soccer trick.

3.He also does the trick good and then he can better explain the trick.

These things makes it very helpful! 


Create Reflection


In the create part of the design cycle we learned what we need to have on our blog and to make it very ‘me’. Now I will write what I think about that and learned.

I think i learned lots in this weeks and now i know how to work at my blog by myself! I am very happy with that because I can do lots of things with my     blog. And i think that is very important because I think you need that  very much. I am happy with my blog because I have a about me page To let people know who I am and what  like to do and lots more about me! Also I am happy with my theme because when you visit my blog on the top you see much colours and I like colours!   See image

Here s my blog now:

Conclusion: I leaned lots about my blog in Technology class and i think it looks much better than before. I hope it is gonna be even better in the future!



Plan feflection

  • Introduction.

    I am reflecting my blog design and why it represents me. I worked on my 3 blog designs i choose the best one i made of the three designs. In class i label the things of the blog of paper. After that we begon of how to grow a blog.i was thinking how do i want my blog in june and what now and what between now and june.

    Why did you choose this blog theme? How does it represent you?

    It represents me because this was the blog that the most looked like i made on paper and that blog example was the blog what real represents me.Because of all the colours and i like colours.And when i open my blog i every time see my blog i see lots of colours and that it is what i like. and i wanna show what i like to do and show my home country and where i where i live now.

  • Benjamin
  • Is there anything else you need to learn to be able to grow your blog? How do you plan to learn these new skills before your continue developing your blog?

i wanna learn about the program to do photo’s on your blog and i do not know what i learn in the future and that things that i not know now.

this was my how to grow a blog and you can see what i want to do at it.


Conclusion: i have written down what i want my blog look like.

Investigate reflection

In all my technology classes I worked on my blog brainstorm and blog research.In my blog brainstorm i tell what  i want to have on my blog.In my blog research i have looked at different blogs and rated them. I hope you enjoy!

This was my blog brainstorm.There where a lot of things i told that was important because i want to tell people a lot of things over where do i come from and sports and school / old school.And what i do on YIS and over my life. And now my blog research First i worked on my blog research then on my brainstorm. I hope you already Now what i want to have on my blog on my what i told you on my   blog brainstorm . now my blog research!

This was my blog research i worked a long time on it and i think i did a good job. I rated the blogs some good some not so good i hope made it clear with the reason why that is d]good or not so good. I think this was good because this was my first technology lessons (also on this school) for that reason i am proud on myself and hope to get better on this things. but i am happy with it.

My blog will represent me if i write posts about myself and post pictures/video’s

In class we studied what makes a good blog. We found 20 criteria what makes a good blog.from these criteria i think the following are very important:
1. links: because they provide more more information on a certain topic, i already have a link of a video and that is the reason because i already know how to do it. I am gonna add links when i find some new interesting video’s.

2. Search bar:handy because you don’t need to seek everything;  I already have one.
3. design: because with a good design the blog is more easy to read. I am gonna do this in my blog to watch what is difficult to read and chance it. 

With these three criteria i hope  to make my blog better!