Pre- field studies blog post

I am really looking forward to field studies.

I am not really nervous about things that we will do during field studies. But I am not sure how things will turn out to be and that might change.  I will get myself out of my comfort zone if I need to by just giving it try and just do it, otherwise I will not get out of my comfort zone so I must try and finally do it. I think I will be proud of myself when I overcome some challenges during the trip. I will know this when I am done with the activity. I should bother getting out of my comfort zone because if I don’t I will not overcome later challenges in my life too. So if I do it now, it will be easier for me to do it later on too.



During today’s tutor class we talked about organisation.
Here are 5 things i would like to improve on

1.  Keeping my desk clean

2. Every time checking if my my devices are switched off properly

3. Check my calendar and veracross more times

4. make sure I have done everything I have to do

5. Keep everything easy to follow