Spanish end of year reflection


We have almost finished this school year and with this, the year of Spanish class. This is my reflection for this year.


What I’m most proud of: I am really proud of the very large amount of vocabulary that I have mastered  during this school year. This made my speaking, writing and listening skills and fluency very good and made it a a lot easier for me to communicate in the Spanish language which is my main goal to master in the time that  I am having Spanish class. This improved these skills a lot from the beginning of the year, when I was struggling alot to even have fairly basid conversations with others around me. I am also very happy with the amount of different conjugations I have mastered this year. At the beginning I just spoke present tense, while I now know two other major conjugations and some others. Those two main ones were future and preterite tense which again, made it a lot easier for me to communicate with others.

Do I consider myself a Spanish speaker?: No, I don’t because I am still away from fluency, but I do want to keep on learning and pushing to become a real Spanish-speaker.

What would I do differently if I could do the course again?:
I would try to focus a bit more on the constant flow of new vocabulary so I would master them more quickly which would make it easier for me to use them in quickly upcoming assessments, pieces of writing and conversations and not just in later ones.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 3 next year?
1. I need to keep on revising my conjugations and vocabulary
2. I need to regularly, have a Spanish conversation with my siblings or other Spanish-speakers.
3. I need to revise my notes from the previous 2 years so I remember everything to start Spanish again, fully ready.

Spanish end of unit reflection

Hello, we have just finished our Spanish unit and I think I have achieved many things. First of all, I think that throughout this unit, I have refreshed on about all the things we have learned last year so I can use them this year. Also to add on to what I already knew, I have learned a lot of new vocabulary and grammar techniques and used them in my pieces of writing to show my understanding and enhance the quality of my work.
Furthermore I think my level of speaking also went up because of all the new things I learned this unit and apply them in my conversations. Also when I talk and I want to know a specific word is in Spanish or what an english word is in Spanish. This also bit by bit makes it easier for me to have even fuller and better conversations for both speaking and listening. I think I should keep on doing these things so I can make sure my Spanish keeps improving and I can do things speaking and writing easier.

My Perspective unit



In English class we are nearly done with our new unit which is prejudice and perspective.
One of the important things I learned in this unit is that it it is important to not always have a very strong opinion about something and stick with it the whole time without looking at the other side and considering it. It is important that you sometimes look at both perspectives and maybe because of that, get a more balanced opinion about a certain topic. I learned this by a quote of Aristotle and in our class activities. Furthermore I learned that people who have a group identity or stereotype, do not always match that and also differ from it many times and that we should look at personal  identities. The book ‘the outsiders’ really helped me understand this concept because some of the characters were different but still had that same bad reputation because of their stereotype and group Identity.

Entrevista Enrique


Les presento a Enrique. El tiene catorce años,  y él es de Francia. A Enrique  le gusta dormir, aprender el español y jugar al baloncesto. Pero a Enrique no le gusta estudiar, dar una caminata y tener hambre. También a Enrique le gusta comer; le gusta comer la pizza, brocoli, galletas y papas fritas. A Enrique le gusta beber coca cola, jugo y agua. Pero a Enrique le gusta practicar deportes,  a Enrique le gusta un poco jugar al fútbol.  A Enrique le gusta aprender el español. Finalmente, su número de teléfono es 090-6666-9999.



After field studies blog post

Field studies was awesome!

During field studies the first day we did teamwork activities. The second day we went canyoning and in the afternoon rafting. The third day canoeing and mountain biking. the fourth day we went rock climbing and geocaching. And finally the last day we went packing and we left .

Of all these activities I think I like canyoning the best because we made loads of jumps, slides and those kind of things.  I think these things also made it the most exiting activity. I don’t think there were any very scary activities we did during field studies. I think the most unexpected thing was the mountain biking because I first heard that it was okay for people who could ride a bike on a car park. But when we actually did it, it was awesome and way more awesome and more difficult that I thought it would be.  I think I have been a risk taker during this field studies because I did loads of new things that I haven’t done before in my life.
I think this was one of the best  field studies I had and will have during my school time.


canoeing with William

Pre- field studies blog post

I am really looking forward to field studies.

I am not really nervous about things that we will do during field studies. But I am not sure how things will turn out to be and that might change.  I will get myself out of my comfort zone if I need to by just giving it try and just do it, otherwise I will not get out of my comfort zone so I must try and finally do it. I think I will be proud of myself when I overcome some challenges during the trip. I will know this when I am done with the activity. I should bother getting out of my comfort zone because if I don’t I will not overcome later challenges in my life too. So if I do it now, it will be easier for me to do it later on too.