Spansih, What have we done this unit?

Explain my learning in 10 words

It was challenging because pushing myself to my limits is hard.


Learning movies with metaphors

Conjugatoion was needed to be learned quick as a broomstick but as precise as a potion.


Preterite was like a parasite, getting bigger and bigger but all with a starting trigger. Conjougating easy but hard at the same time. Patterns that is what you need.  Patterns are handy when you know them a piece of candy. However as the difficulty kept increasing the more energy we started releasing. For now preterite was the top, and then wait untill our brains go POP!


What is relevant to other classes/material you are learning in Spanish class?

One thing that I think is related to other classes is that we use patterns to rememebr what everything is. This helps me because for example in maths it is better to think clearly in patterns rather than to change every thing not looking for patterns. The use of patterns is also good in other classes such as sience because also there patterns are needed to find a correct answer. Something else we use in spanish class and that we also use in other places is just talking. When we go on hollidays we may come upon spanish people and the speaking we do in class would help us a lot. Not just to go around town but also get a much better impression and time in that spanish country. Something else very nice that is in spanish is the taking notes. When we take notes in class we learn to make thing organized for ourselves. We make things clean and then we can look back at it and study.


I&S new words

the increasing strength of nerve impulses along pathways which have been previously used, either short-term or long-term.

A part between two nerve cells, having of a minute gap across which impulses pass by diffusion of a neurotransmitter.

Become worse over time.

gradually converting information from short-term memory into long-term memory.

In the brain a lot happens to make a memory. In this process there are also a lot of small parts used. To remember something something has to go multiple times over the nerve pathway. As here it also passes by synapses and this process increases the strength of these pathways in other words, potentation. However it can also deteriorate, become worse. When you see something over and over again it will move from your short term memory to you long term, this is called consilidation.

Spanish reflection

In spanish we just finished our first unit. In this unit I discoved some of both my weak points and my strong points. Something I thought that I was good at was remembering everything. For example I knew what reflexive verbs were and how they are used just like gustar like and stem changing.Another thing That i though i was good at this unit was challenging myself. I thought that I tried to improve and I did. Some of the vocabulary I used was new to me and i found difficult to use. Something that I found hard during this unit was listening to the teacher. I understood most things however sometimes I could not understand so I tried to ask my friends. For next time I know to ask the teacher instead of other students. Antother thing that I can improve on is reading. I need to lear how to pronounce all the words because sometimes I do not know how to say a work with an accet or when there is another weird part to it. If I study more on just saying the words I will improve on that.

Next unit I will ask more questions to get a better understanding of everything. Asking  more questions will help me overall improve my vocabulary but also my general understanding of spanish. Another thing that I will do defferent is focusing on my own work rather than others. I sometimes ask others what they did for that question however I think my skills would improve better if I make my own mistakes. This would be good for me because I will know what I did wrong and practice on those mistakes.

My new goals for semester 1 are to ask more qeustions in class. One way to achieve this goal is to ask at least one qeustion every class. I can also increase doing that as the semester continues.

Another goal I want to achieve is imprpving my speaking skills. I can improve this by talking to people around me in spanish and getting them to judge my speaking os I know where I need to improve on and what.

Spanish, A normal school day routine

¡Hola! Tengo un rutina en la dia de escuela.

Durante la semana siempre me despierto a las siete. Porque yo perezoso levantarse a las siete y diez de la mañana. Entonces mi duco o baño. Despues de eso yo voy comer la desayuno. Para desayuno yo como pan y a veces el yogur y cereal. En la desayuna me gusta beber el agau y té. Té es muy reconfortante perque es un poco calentar. A las ocho yo miro el Noticas. Es dicir muy interesante. A las ocho y media salgo de la casa para ir al escuela. Yo cuando llegue a esualla voy a mi clase de tutor. Mi clase de tutor es muy divertido perque mi amigos en mi clase es simpticos. Tambien son muy arctisticos. Yo tengo que trabajo. Mi escuela el fin a cuatro. Yo regreso mi casa a las cuatro y diez. Deves un quando yo regreso a las cuatro y cuarto

Nature Vs Nurture |I&S

In class we have been talking about Psychology. We have been talking about the debate of ‘if behavior is dedicated by Nature or Nurture‘. This is such a big debate due to the difficulty understanding why everything is how it is.

Gender are one of the more discussed topics in the debate. If girls acually like to play with girl toys and boys with boy toys. I thought taht this was nurture however i got proved wrongly. These stereotypes that people use can acually be true due to an experiment that men did on monkeys. They put the toys both fr boys and girl in a field and let the monkeys take what they wanted. The boys went to the trucks and helicopters and girls to the baby dolls and animals. To prove their final point there way a girl monkey at the back of the car looking ij the toys bag with all toys in ther and took a girl toy. Later they proved that is is also nature is that boys are more attracted to things that can move and turn rather than girls.

Another big part of this discussion was about the black people and white. How black people are said to be faster that the white. The discussion for this really went towards slavery they showed that only the fittest could survive back then. People who were weak would die and the stronger would survive the hard working conditions. They worked hard while the owners where just sitting down and doing nothing. Today the black athletes are winning the gold medals. This is both nature and nurture because we made tehm that way.

Finally Nurture is different from Nature because we make people one way of they are born like it. However we can be one way but change us to a better person .

Spanish Goals

In Spanish class we were to make some goals for the year for wich we would hope to achieve.

My first goal is,

To speak comfortaly about the units we did and see if I would have improved since the beginning or even on a shorter time maybe every unit I will look at what I could do then and what ‘now’.

Goal 2,

My second goal is to improve my writing. I want to do this because I am not good at getting the word in the right order and sometimes also the focus letters wrong what sometimes messes up the meaning.

Goal 3,

My next goal is taking better nortes. Thing had always been a difficult part for me but I think now I got a good grip on everything so I want to have everything ready so I can take notes even when ms. Hill is jsut talking so my overall skill will also improve.

I think that these things are important for me and I will hope that at the end of the year I have improved.

Hedwigs theme Reflection

In the beginning of this unit I wanted to play the xylophone because I thought that would be fun to do. However when I had practiced and later also rehearsed the parts I noticed that others also wanted to play this instrument. Because I had worked on this piece for over than a week I thought that I could help them and teach them how to play. When I thought them they learned quick and soon we were all on the same level. However later that day I found out that there were 4 people ding this job and only 3 xylophones were here. Because I felt I needed to improve my skills also on other instuments I thought that it would be a GREAT opportunity for me to learn something new. For the rest pf that day I wanted to practice the guitar however that was no good and I stopped quick after.

The next week I wanted to try the piano what was not new but was the thing that I was sure of that I could do. For the rest of that day I practiced the beginning of the chords of the piece. The first few chords were easy and good to remember. However the ones after that got more complicated and I was not fast enough to change my fingers to the next chord. As I kept practising I improved on moving my hands and what I played became for fruent and overall better. An other thing that bothered me was that I was not good at timing where the next chord should be. This was because I was used to playing 4/4 however now I played 3/4.  Finally because I did not want to mess it up I decided not to play that part and I just did the rest.

One problem I faced was that I needed to change my instrument and I sovlved this problem by letting other choose and I would take the one that was left behind to do.

Another problem I faced was that I Had a shortage of time due to the changing of instruments. I solved this by working at home to get better.

FInaly I faced a problem with the last part of the song and I just did not do that part deu to the chance that I would of messed up.