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In my tech class of the last few months we made a tutorial. This is a tutorial about how to do the drag push in field hockey. I am really proud of my work and I hope you will like it. ENJOY!!!

Maybe if you want give it a like on youtube or if you don’t want to just don’t do it.

In this second part of this blog post I am reflecting all my work of my tutorial.

In the begin of class we made a criteria with all the things we should try to put in our tutorial I did already pretty much of them and in One of the questions I am going to connect the criteria and my tutorial.

Question 1. Connect…

The quality is connected with my tutorial because in my tutorial the quality was pretty good so you could see the tutorial in clear sight. The voice overs are connected with my tutorial because I did a lot of voice overs in my tutorial like over a video.  I had a lot of simple explanations in my tutorial because my brother watched it and said it was simple to understand but sometimes not. We needed to make a example at the beginning and at the end of the finished work and I did that to already let them know how it looks like.

Question 2. Extend…

When I looked at other tutorials I heard that a lot of them had background music so I want to add that to my tutorial but when I tried it the music was to hard or to soft but on the others tutorials it sound very good. I should also put in some sound effects like on my brothers he showed something and had a sound of that thing and that sound really cool.  In some places I could make the sound some louder because it was sometimes a little bit soft and difficult to hear.

Question 3. Challenge

It was a challenge still the editing because on some places I did not know what to edit on that place. Also a challenge was to film everything on a good place because the sun moved so on one time we needed to move to an other place because the sun moved…

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So this was my reflection of my tutorial for tech this was I think the most difficult projects but it was also one of the most fun ones. I hope you agree with my reflection and I hope you comment on me if you still see something.

See you next post…

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  1. Great job Jan! Even though some things were challenging to you, you continued to improve your tutorial throughout the whole process and did a great job of staying up-to-date with your work and on task during class. I think both of those things really helped you create a fantastic tutorial. Well done!

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