I&S Differences Netherlands and Nigeria

The Netherlands and Niger have a lot of differences. . In this blog post I will talk about 6 differences. Some of these differences are

First the Life expectancy. My chart will start at 1980 so not that long. In 1980 the life expectancy was much lower in Niger than in Holland. Holland had a life expectancy of 76 at that time and Niger had one of 39. 5 years. Later the life expectancy had grown by 3 years. This is a good increase for this country. However Holland had not grow in that subject. Another 5 years later Holland did change but not a lot they grew by one year. Niger grew by another 2 years which made then go to 44 years. These countries grow again a bit in the next 5 years Niger has grown by another 3 years! But Holland only by one year. Then in the next 10 years Holland is at a life expectancy of 80 and Niger is at one of 54. I thin that it grew because that holland already was more developed so the technology staid the same. But Niger grew because it was improving the technology

Over these year Niger income Per person did not grow that much they grew by 371 to 707. However Holland grew by around 12000 dollars per person. I think this grew because holland had less people and more jobs. There were more options for jobs like things with new technology that Niger did not had.

For child mortality rate Niger did got down however not by super duper much. It grew from 433 to 114. This is a very good improvement. On the other hand Holland grew by even more. Holland grew from 324 to 4.8.

Now the HDI index. The index Niger started at 0.17 and it ended at 0.29. Holland ended at 0.9 and started at 0.79.3. This shows that Holland also already started of a higher rate.

And then the population grows in % Niger started at 2.9 and ended at 3.5. On the other hand Holland started at 0.79 and ended at 0.28.

In Holland woman started to have less babies. they started at 3.12 babies and ended at 1.79. Niger started at 7.0 and ended at 7.5 in between the start and the end there were higher points. The highest was 7.7.

These are some of the differences from Holland and Niger. In total now holland is a more developed country than others like Niger.






Field-Studies REFLECT


I personally really liked field studies. I liked all the challenges and all the activities. One of the things that I liked best was the canyoning. One of the challenges found there was the 20m fall this fall was something totally new. In the beginning I was scared because I needed to  go fist but later I was proud. I think that this helped people stay positive and that they would think that they would not get hurt.

Another challenge for me was the mountain biking. This was something that I already had done before but this was at a whole new level. I learned thing that I did not had learned before. One of these things was going through a steep turn. I really liked doing that and I expaded my comfort zone by doing that.

One thing that I just liked but was not challenging was my room. I had a really fun room with HunterDarshan and Will. These were all very nice people and they were all very kind. we worked together very well on what time we wanted to sleep sometimes late and sometimes some earlier. Every night we played games in the lounge with other rooms like werewolves. This was good to have fun not just only with your own room.

Drama reflection Elevator scene

In our group it went very well because we had a lot of different ideas and this gave us a good and bit range of what were the best ideas and at the end everything worked out very well. Even though we had some disagreements we always had a good decision what made our scene better. Next time I think that we should add some more detail to our scenes and that we need to have more different thing because We repeated some thing and that made it look very simple.

In this scene My status went up a little in the begin and later in the scene it went down again. It went up because I was one of the two people still thinking of an exit and some later it went down because of the owner who said that I was not allowed to come here again. My stereo type was that I could almost only think about gambling but it changed to helping others instead of being selfish.

In the elevator I started caring about other people and my main motivation was getting everyone out of there. However I did go back to the old character when I got told never to come to the casino again. Because of my motivation I got stronger and tried even better that I could do before.

My relation with Larissa changed because I did not listen to her talking and she stopped talking to me because she was scared. Every body split when this happened except me and hunter. This was we tried to open the door but them later I did not really care about him when he fainted. My relation with Kasumi was very bad because she made me mad and that made me annoy her and push her to the ground.

Again Kasumi changed my character back to the old one because I came back to the gambling feeling and that I because sad but later I stopped being sad and got an other idea that failed.

Next time I could think of some things that would be more creative and be funnier. One of the scenes that was good was the one of William a good gaol is to get close to what they did.


Spanish interview

Les presento a un amigo, se llama Oscar, Oscar está bien. El es de Bélgica. El tiene trece años. Su número de teléfono es 123 1234 1234. A Oscar le gusta jugar al fútbol. En general A A Oscar le gusta practicar deportes.

A Oscar le gusta comer la pasta. También oscar le gusta beber agua. A Oscar no le gusta beber refrescos y jugo. Tambien no le gusta comer helado. Le gusta hacer correr y montar en bicicleta. Pero no le gusta hacer tarea los sábados. En general a oscar le gusta comer la comida Italiana.