Field-Studies REFLECT


I personally really liked field studies. I liked all the challenges and all the activities. One of the things that I liked best was the canyoning. One of the challenges found there was the 20m fall this fall was something totally new. In the beginning I was scared because I needed to  go fist but later I was proud. I think that this helped people stay positive and that they would think that they would not get hurt.

Another challenge for me was the mountain biking. This was something that I already had done before but this was at a whole new level. I learned thing that I did not had learned before. One of these things was going through a steep turn. I really liked doing that and I expaded my comfort zone by doing that.

One thing that I just liked but was not challenging was my room. I had a really fun room with HunterDarshan and Will. These were all very nice people and they were all very kind. we worked together very well on what time we wanted to sleep sometimes late and sometimes some earlier. Every night we played games in the lounge with other rooms like werewolves. This was good to have fun not just only with your own room.