What am I most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact that I have learned a lot of tenses that I can use moderately. I think that this is something important seeing that this will help me speak. Therefore I am also really proud of that in a sense. An example of this is that I talked for 15 min streight about what my daily life was and what we have done in class to an Spanish teacher from a different school.

Do I consider myself a Spanish-speaker? Why or why not?
NO. This is because I do not always know everything. This is something that I think this very important because i feel like there is still some essential words I need. Also When I am talking I feel like I still have to work on my word speed. This means that I am still a little slow when talking. This is caused by the fact that I dont know what i want to say, and if I do I dont have the vocab.

What would I do differently if I could do the course again?
Next year I want to be able to put more time into my notes. This is because my notes are not always that neat and therefore I am not able to get the maximum amount of infomation written down. I think that this will be easyer if i make rough notes in cass and then re-do it at home making it neat.

What are three concrete actions I can take to ensure that I am prepared for Phase 3 next year?

  1. Study more, this will help me because it will improve my vocabulairy improve
  2. Speak more, This will help my fluency and my pronounciation
  3. Watch real life examples, I feel like this will give me something to compare to

Ways of showing my learning


Explain my learning in 10 words

Learning was hard since you really have to push yourself


Learning like movies

I has to learn my conjugation like a potion recipe. Fly on my Firebolt to the past to quickly learn my preterite. I crash landed a few times but the engine of my broom kept working. I had to use my full spell kit to be able to get my boom back flying if I fell.

I was improving my knowledge like Erik before his test day.

Some parts were a mystery like in who is the mole

But even in this story the ending is okay just like in lala land.


How is what you have learned relevant to other classes/material you are learning?

There are a few things that I have learned in spanish that I will take on in my other classes. The first thing is my research about my country. I have learned a lot about the geographical state of my country. I can take on this information in I&S (geography) where we are looking at how countries that are landlocked can be less developed. Looking at all of my information I think that I am able to make a decision on why mexico is a developed country. Another Thing that I have learned in Spanish is pushing yourself to study. What this means is that I could sometimes procrastinate a little since I did not think that it was that important however now I know that it is better to just do it quickly and not leave it till later. I can take this in my other classes because it will help me get things done.




Expedition reflexion — Phuket 2016

In my Phuket trip I feel like I have learned way more than what I have experianced in the past. This is because I have done a lot more new things.  These are a few of them:

-First of all I really learned how to appreciate things that look very small to me (That I take for granted). I learned this when playing with the burmese mon children. This is because when we were doing a scavenger hunt there were some prizes that could be found, these prizes were chocolate bars and pencils. I could just go and buy them in the next store but they were so happy about this and were so apreciative. This really teaches you that you have to have to appreciate your fortune.

-Also I have learned more about the nature in Phuket this is because I Never knew anything really about the coral unless that it should be protected. Now I know so much more, an example is when we had the information night where we learned how you can see that a coral is doing well by just looking at fish and that you can see how the coral is damaged one and can ot be restored again. I the rainforrest I think that I improved more on my teamwork skills. This is because for some people this track was very hard (there was a chance for a flash flood. This is why we could not take the normal path)Since it was hard we had to help eachoter to be able to reach the destenation together.

All of this made me relise that this expedition was full of new experiances and new learning moments. This is also why I really enjoyed this and really learned a lot from this:




What are your strong and weak points in regards to the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, and the unit grammar and vocabulary.

I think that I have done pretty good job at litening and reading.This is because I am pretty skillid in this and I feel like I can pretty easaly do this. Also this is because litening and reading does not involve that much spelling and creating my own vocab. So spelling and vocab in my improvement point. As I said this comes from the fact I find it hard to remember the verbs. Therefore I do not want to use them if I know half of it (or i just forget them).


What changes will you make next unit to further improve your skills?

Next unit I want to make sure that I Start to use more vocab from the unit. This way I will better remember what I learned. Also I want to make sure that I look and practise the words I learned in class.


What are your goals for the rest of semester one?

  1. I want to make sure that I improve on my vocab. I will do this by look over and practise the words we learned in class.
  2. I want to Pactise a little more. What I will do it reflect on my test and see what I have to do more of.
  3. I want to get a vocab list for myself. This is where I will be able to learn the in class studied vacab.


My first few weeks at school

Hello Readers,

In these first weeks of school I have had a few good things. One of them was that when I went to volleyball. This is because I really enjoy this. Another one was that I like the topics I am doing. This is good because this way I am more eager to learn. Something that went not so well is homework it is  because I was not very organized with my classes. To be able to be better at this is by doing homework every day when I get home.

My 5 goals

  1. My first goal is to learn new verbs every month. This means that I will practis 2 times a week for about 10 min. My goal in this goal is to learn 17 New vocabs per month.
  2. My second goals is to try to answer more in spanish. This will mean for me to think well before I ask a question. But of couse sometimes I have to ask quick so that I don’t loose my question. I will try to aim for about 1 good question per class.
  3. My third goal is to get better grades this year than last year. This would mean for me to (again) Study about 3 times per week for 10 min.  I will see if I sucseeded when I get my grades in winterbreak.
  4. My last goal is to get points for my team. This might seem as a silly goal but you get point when doing something good. This would mean I would be saying something correct. I will aim for getting 1-2 points per class. — I would like to change it to 1-2 points per 2 weeks. This is because I noteced that this is harder.

Drama reflection

In drama class we have been working on “How to make a comedic character”. In this unit we learned methods like Slapstick and use of hats. And we had proffesionals come over to our school to tell us how to create something funny. This is my reflection of this unit.

  1. What influenced the development of your character?

First of all I really learned a lot from both visiting artists. This is because they both showed me how to make my character better in specific ways. This mainly really helped me since I find it pretty challenging to make my character funny. So first of all Phillipe helped me the most when making and developing my character by giving me examples what I could do. This helped me because my first character is very important, because you can make changes on this character. On the other hand Rene showed me and my group how to make the play better, this helped my group more because it was not very strong with a good meaning. But he did not help me as an individual creating my character. Next choosing a hat was also really influencing, because the hat gave me the idea of making a creepy looking character. Since this was my final character, it was just something I could not miss out.

  1. What feedback to you receive about your character and comedy routine? How did make changes based on feedback?

Of course I also got some feedback. The first one was that I had to find something that would make me look dark and scary. The reason I got this feedback was because I just had a black mask with dark clothes (This was not very scary). This helped me think of making my character better by putting on a big black cloak, because it made me look even more scary/creepy. Also I got feedback on my walks: I had to make sure that my walk was as creepy as possible. The reason I got this feedback was because I was not sure how a creepy person walks myself. Even though in the end I did not use the suggestions eventually (because I did it another way) I still used it for one lesson. The last piece of feedback I got was from Rene. He said that our ending was a little ‘weak”. He told us how to make a meaningful ending, by adding a better reason for us to leave the stage. After doing this I agreed with him that our ending was way better and more meaningful. All of this really helped me create the best kind of character possible and I am very happy with it.


Music Reflection (Hedwigs theme)


First of all I think that in this unit I learned a lot. This is because I really got lots of experience playing bass. I found myself that this was a very interesting instrument that is really fun to play. I will talk a little bit more about how I learned the Hedwigs theme on the bass (In steps).  The first step I too to be able to actually play the bass was trying to find out how to play different notes  on the bass. This went pretty smoothly because I practiced a lot. Also I worked together will Larrisa. She really helped me when she saw that I played the wrong note. I did the same for her. I think that this went pretty well and people liked it when they heard the effort we had put into it. Second is again practising a lot. I think That I did pretty well on this because I came everyday to school to learn the notes and learning how to play the bass the easiest (changing notes). This was over a period of time very helpful because I learned a lot. Lastly I had to be able to play with the class. I think that this is one of the hardest things to do. This is because I have to stay on the beat with the class. This is different to what I was doing because I used to be able to do the song on my own pace. This has changed and I had to adjust to this. And really again to be able to do this good you have to practice, practice, practice. I think that the link on Mr. Johnston’s blog was really helpful for this. This is because I could play with the audio file. Overall I really learned a lot. And of course I had to practice to be able to get to this level I am on now.


When you are playing an instrument there are always parts you can improve on. The first Part i can still improve on is by memorising the notes. This is because when I am playing I sometimes lose track of where I am in the piece. This is something i should really improve on. This is because When I mess up everyone notices. This is because the pitch is lower than any other instrument. I think that if I read the piece a lot I will be able to learn it. Second I have to improve on my teamwork. This is (Even though this is improving a lot) because I still have problems with my tempo. what I do wrong is than I go slower than the class. This will affect the class because they might get confused. Also the audience might think that we did not put any effort into our piece. I can improve this by practicing a lot when possible. The third thing I could improve on is that I know where the notes are on the bass. Of course to improve this I just have to practice a lot. But the reason I want to improve this is because this way I can play more smoothly and my piece would sound better.

Overall I really enjoyed this unit and I really want to do well on my performance.

By: Quirijn