5 simpel tricks to do on the DIabolo

Hey guys today I finished my tutorial that we spent on working on for the past 4 months. I am really proud of my work even if you dont like it I dont care. So here is my tutorial.

Now I will be writing my whole reflection on my tutorial.


My tutorial was related to the criteria of the class because most or 3/4 of the criteria I had on my blog.  They related by me looking at it too see how I could make my tutorial better.  At first I looked at the criteria allot but after the spring I didn’t look at it at all. Anyway It makes me say that it relates because the criteria are criteria a good tutorial should have so if most of the criteria fit my blog then my tutorial should be a good one. I also think that looking at the criteria makes us have new Ideas and make our tutorial better because of our ideas. I have not looked at the criteria allot at the end but I knew most of the criteria fit. In the end when we published our tutorial and looked at the criteria again I thought that I could of done way better. I Ended up fitting allot of the criteria but could of made it better if I looked at it more towards the end. The tutorial and the criteria relate because the criteria were kind of our points we have to have for a good tutorial and that was true. Anyway thats how I think the tutorial and criteria relate.

When I looked at other peoples blogs (kai’s blog, tsuyoshi’s blog and liam’s blog) I was shocked because compared to them mine was really bad. From liams video for example I got a new Idea. I didn’t want to add music because it would ruin the voice over.Liam though he had perfect fitting music for the right theme. Although the music was a bit too loud I was really happy I saw his blog because if I were to do mine again I would definitely add music. From kai’s tutorial I also got a new Idea. I really learned from kai’s tutorial that different angles and picture in picture. because of his blog I am now going to defently add picture in picture and different camera angles in my new tutorial if I make another one.

A few things that would still be challenging for me if I make another tutorial would be to find the perfect fitting music for my blog. Another thing would be the weather and the camera. I had a bad camera and bad weather when I filmed. I guess I just had bad luck. A different challenge would be to make your voice over right with the music and the video because perfect tutorials would have all those three in exactly the perfect timing. Last but not least, It would be a chalenge for me to make a simpel script that everybody would understand even if they were tall or small. One question I still have is what is a perfect tutorial? Would it be one that would fit all of our criteria? Or would it be one that is even more criticised?

Anyway than you guys for Reading this post that is really long. I hope you guys didn’t get bored. We worked more than 4 months on this with the planning. Thank you guys allot for reading once again and I hope you read my next post.


7 thoughts on “5 simpel tricks to do on the DIabolo

  1. I think your tutorial was very good!
    I liked that you did some parts in slow motion so the people could see clear what you were doing.
    I also liked that that you made it simple to understand and not to difficult.
    Also I liked that you had backgrounds that did not distracted your video.
    I learned that not all the diabolo tricks are very difficult!
    I also learned how to do the 5 diabolo tricks!
    I think your screen was a little blurry.

  2. I really liked your tutorial because it was simple and clear. I liked how you had steps, and tips on how to do the trick. I also really liked how you used your unique words to make the tutorial fun and interesting. Computer’s always have to be in the credits..

    I learned that you need to learn how to make the dlabolo spin before trying those tricks. I also learned that dlabolo can hurt a lot if it lands on you.

    A way you could improve is by making the pictures more clear, because one of the pictures were really blury. By the way I had the same problem so don’t worry.

    Nice job!

  3. Nice job Brazil,
    I really liked how your tutorial was simple and easy to follow. I also liked that when you were doing the last trick you had a picture of it so that people could see what it looks like. Another thing I liked was your good use of subtitles and you only used them when you needed it.

    I learned that when you do the elevator you need it to be spinning really fast so that it will work. I also learned that when you throw the diablo up into the air you have to have it balanced and not going off into another direction.

    One thing you could improve on is giving a lot of tips but overall it was really good!!

  4. Great work Brazil, I can’t wait to try that out.

    I liked how you named all the tricks you were going to be showing first and then you told how to do them each. This was good because the viewer can know what steps he or she is going to learn in the video without forwarding to the parts where you mention the step. Next I liked how when you were explaining the step, you would use simple words for any one (who spoke English) to understand. Finally, I thought it was awesome that you used slow motion to show the steps clearly. This can show the audience how you should keep your sticks or throw the diablo. It was great. It was helpful that you showed the whole body so that we can see how your arms need to look like. I also liked how you zoomed in on the stick. It was much more easier to see.

    I learned that speed is one of the important things in doing tricks on the diablo. I also learned that balance is also one of the most essential things on the diablo.

    The few things I thought you could improve on was to take your time. After you said “lets get started” you went immediately to the next clip. You could also put the tips on the video when ever you mentioned one. It will help people to remember. Some people just look at how you do it but don’t listen.

    Otherwise, everything was BRILLIANT!

  5. I think you did a great job on this tutorial!
    I thought that your tutorial was explained clearly and was explained step by step so we can do it perfectly.
    I also liked the parts where you made it slow motion or put a picture so that we can see it because I knew that I had to listen to this cause its important. Also I thought you did good on putting the sub titles so that we can know what your gonna teach us. I learned that to do every trick on diabolo, you need to make the diabolo really fast so that you can make them do cool tricks. I thought that you could say the words that are on the screen so that we can understand it better but overall, it was great!:)

  6. Brazil, your tutorial is sooooooo awesome!
    What I loved/liked!
    First, I like your slow motion effects because it really helped me to see where the diabolo and the string is.
    Second, I like your clear/slow voice. It was soooo clear that you can learn how to do these tricks without the video, but only with your explanation. It was soooo detailed!
    Lastly, I like your transition and how you put the title of you trick before you begin.
    What I learned.
    I learned that speed is very important when you do tricks on diablo. Also, I learned that balancing a diablo that is spinning fast is really hard.
    What I think you can improve
    Maybe the quality of your video? I could still see the details but maybe it would be much easier if you had better quality camera.
    Still your tutorial was AWESOME!

  7. Outstanding reflection Brazil! I really appreciate how you describe your process of working with the class criteria – I hope this helps you in the future so that you know you should look at the criteria all the way through the process. It’s also great to see how other students inspired you and the ideas you have for making even better tutorials. I hope you continue making them because even though you think you have lots to improve on, you really did a great job!

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