My Favorite Tutorial!

Hi guys!

In Tech class we have been looking at different kind of tutorials and there is one specific on that I really like.

The women who made this video used a voice over.
This is good because if you are in a room actually filming the tutorial while talking, Your voice will echo.
She had a voice over so it didnt echo and you could hear her very well.
Another thing that was good was that she explained why she applied some things like double layers or a see through layers of nail polish.
This is good because she explains EXACTLY what she does and what makes it so perfect so that the person trying the design at home, will not do the wrong things.
And last but not least she showed simple steps.
This is great because the viewer needs to understand clearly what the steps are.
These were the reasons that I liked this tutorial!

There is also another tutorial that i really like and that i would like to share with you.
This tutorial is also about nail art and if you like the nail art of animal print such as zebra, it will be really helpful.

One of the things that was really good was that she made clear steps of how what to use and how to use it.
This is good because the viewer really wants to know how to do the steps so they can do it perfectly.
She also gave her opinion and in that way also some tips.
This is good so that the watcher knows the truth not just the good sides of this design.
This helps because they can prevent those bad things.
And last but not least, She zoomed the camera on to her finger nails which was really helpful because the viewer could really see what was going on.
And those were my 2 favorite tutorials!

Bye! 🙂


  1. Santana.S

    I learned to always apply a clear base coat to protect your nails.I learned that it is easier to paint the white before the black.I liked how this person went step by step so we can understand. It is important because if it was not in order it would have been hard to understand.I think the person should have spoke a bit slower. It is because it was a bit hard to understand

  2. Ceci

    Nice vid Lente.
    I learned an easy way to to the puzzle pieces, it was to put tape on your nail. This is good because if you put the tape on doesn’t spread.
    A loud and clear voice and a zoomed up camera if you are doing something that is small is how to make a good tutorial. This is good because if you want to hear something you can hear it loud and clearly and it makes it easier for the person to know what to do. It is good to zoom in because it is good to see what she is doing for her nails.
    Some things she could have done was that if I or the person watching made a mistake, she could have said what to do.
    Anyway great tutorial.

  3. 20kitamurar

    Hey Lente,
    I really like your video that you chose!
    I learned that its better to paint black over white than white over black because the color black is stronger than white and you might see the base black if you paint white over black.
    I really like how she added tips to paint easier and this helps people that doesn’t have much experience on nail art.
    Maybe the length are bit too long for a tutorial video because long tutorial bore the audience.

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