Plan Reflection

In technology class we made 3 design for our blogs. We chose 1 from all of our designs. This design was what I wanted my blog to look like in the end of the year. After we chose our design we labeled it and then we looked at the real templates and chose the one that was possible to make our dream design come true.

This one below is my “How to grow a blog” plan.

I chose this design because the color was not too flashy but not too boring. Also I really like the overall look it looked really like my style so I really liked it. I think those represent me really well. Also the daily changing picture was an amazing idea because I LOVE pictures and if it changes daily it’s amazing. Plus I really liked the widget/menu book because I like writing some stuff in a mini book. On the header it has a smiley face so I REALLY liked it because I’m usually always smiling and everyone knows that smile is my thing. So overall it represents me super well.


One thing I really want to learn is how to change my cursor because I have seen different cursors on some of my friends blog and I thing that is a cool thing to do. Also another thing I want to know is how to change the size and font of posts so I really want to know that because It will be useful, and another thing I want to learn is how to add a music widget box. This is because on my brother’s blog it has a music playing widget and I thought it was really interesting and I’ve attempted it few times but it didn’t work.                                                         Those are the things I really want to know.

I am looking forward to see my blog how it turns out at the end of the year 🙂 So until then I’ll keep on learning and doing stuff to improve my blog.

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  1. Great job Haruna! I really like how your blog looks right now – it’s different than how you drew it, but the background is perfect! I can’t wait to see how your blog grows!

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