Finally my tutorial is DONE!! :D


I am so HAPPY!!! I FINALLY finished my own tutorial I made a LAZY CHEESE CAKE!! I hope you enjoy it!! 🙂

In this unit with our class we made a class criteria. Class criteria is a criteria that we think that is important for our tutorial.
I think I did a good job on few of my criteria. The first one I think I did good on is editing. This is because for my tutorial there were some part that was long and boring also unnecessary so what I did is I fast forwarded and I also cut out some parts. Another criteria I think I meet was introduction. Why I think this is because I started off my tutorial with what I’m going to teach and another reason is because I started with the final product which will help the audience because they can choose if that is the actual thing they want to make. Music is another criteria I think I did pretty good on, because I think I choose appropriate music according to the topic and that matches the video. 

After finishing my tutorial I watched my friends tutorial and I learned few things that I thought that was creative or unique.

First of all I watched Kiyoka’s tutorial. Before I start talking about what I learned from her tutorial I just wanted to say her tutorial was absolutely AWESOME. Now back to the point one thing I learned from her tutorial is to give tips because I gave only 1 or 2 but she gave more.

Secondly I looked at Toma’s tutorial. He’s tutorial was also GREAT. I learned a new way of starting off a video and ending the video because I thought it was very unique and I also thought this because how I started off my tutorial was really modern, I started off like other tutorials but Toma’s was different. So if I make another video I want to try out how he started off he’s video.

Lastly I watched Philipp’s tutorial. He’s tutorial was also AWESOME. What I learned from his tutorial is simplicity. He’s tutorial was very simple and easy to understand. I thought my tutorial was a little bit hard to understand so I want to make my tutorial simple like Philipp’s.

I have few things that is challenging for me. One of the thing is voice. One of the reason why is because I thought my voice was a little bit small. Another thing that is still challenging for me is script. In my tutorial I think I stuttered a little bit and some things I said were confusing. So I want to work on these two things next time I make a video.

Lastly here is my tutorial survey.


BYE !!!! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Finally my tutorial is DONE!! :D

  1. I liked how you showed the beginning product first and also at the end.
    It was very good how you said where you needed to be careful.
    It was also very that you said all the tips.
    Also how you moved your hand and then it was done.
    I leaned how to make cheese cake.
    You could do nothing extra

  2. I like how when you were listing out the ingredients you also had them on the screen I also liked how you showed a how it was going to look after it was done at the beginning and how you said you should wear something comfortable and tie your hair back when you make the cheese cake. I learnt that you put cream in cheese cake and there is not plain cheese in cheese cake. I think that your voice over could have been a bit more practiced. But over all I really like your tutorial!!!

  3. I like how you started your video. It made me want to watch the whole video because I like cheesecake. The second thing I like is how you wrote what you need in text. The third thing I like is that you do not talk slowly or fastly.
    I learned that you have to mix the butter until it is like fresh cream. The second thing I learned is
    I think you could improve on the voice because I think it was a bit small.

  4. Hey Haruna 🙂 First if all your tutorial was great! I really liked how you gave the tip to change into comfortable clothes and tie your hair up because it can help the viewers know how to get ready to make the lazy cheesecake. Also I really liked how you showed close ups of each cheesecake and put how much you need and what you need in the corner. I thought that will be very helpful for the viewers because they might now hear what you said, but since it’s on the screen they will know exactly what to get. Lastly I really liked how you did you transition in the start for the egg and the lemon. It was really interesting how you used your hands to do the transition. I learnt that when you mix the cream cheese you should put it on the lowest scale because it will make a mess. I thought it was very good that you put in that tip because some viewers might put it on the highest scale and make a mess. Also the tip that you should start the mixer when the mixing handle was in was very good because it will help the viewers make the cheesecake and not get hurt. I also learnt that you should turn the bowl while mixing because then you won’t have to turn the mixer. I thought it was a really good tip because while you are mixing the mixer might get caught on something while turning it and you can get hurt. I think you can improve on your voice over because there were some parts where you paused. I think it is important to have a clear voiceover for the viewers so be careful next time! But overall I really liked how you gave many tips, how you had closeups and I will definitely make the lazy cheesecake 🙂 Loved you tutorial!

  5. Hi Haruna! I like cheesecake to so this tutorial was really interesting to me.
    The things I liked about your tutorial is…..
    That you showed the ingredients one by one.
    You give tips and advice to make the baking easier.
    You showed the finished cheesecake in the start and end.
    The things I think you need to work on your voice because it becomes a bit quiet.
    Otherwise I don’t think you need to improve anything!

  6. Wow. That is a great tutorial Haruna. I really like how you showed clearly how to do every step and what to use and how long to do it. I also liked how you gave some tips that were not just about the Lazy cheese cake, such as what to wear and to tie up your hair. I also liked how you showed the cheese cake at the beginning so people would know what you are doing. I think I learned how to make a Lazy cheese cake!!! I also learned that you can make it with some stuff you can find in a store because I thought it was really hard to make a cheese cake, but from your tutorial, it is really easy. I think you can improve on the voice because at some places you were pausing, but over all the tutorial was really great.

  7. Hi Haruna! I loved this video! I really liked your tutorial when you said “even lazy people like me can do it” which makes it a lot positive for people who are lazy like you XD. I also liked your background music that you put in, it really matches your video, and I think you have great editing skills, the music went lower when you were talking and higher when you were explaining the steps! From your steps I learned that to make a cheese cake it not super hard, I can do it (I’m lazy) and at last it doesn’t take a lot of time to make it! After all I think you did a awesome tutorial which was very clear and easy to understand. But if i have to tell you what to improve, maybe the last part, right before you said “thank you for watching …” I think there was a sound coming out from somewhere else, which was kind of distracting. But I think it a little thing and after all your tutorial was AWESOME!

  8. Hi Haruna!
    I thinks this tutorial is really good! I liked how you edited it
    Another reason I love it is because Im really lazy so I think some time soon Il try making one of this cheesecakes Better be Good!! 😀
    I also Like how you started with the video It made me want to watch more because im Lazzzzzyyyyy 😛 I also Liked how u showed us what we need for making this cheesecake and writing it down that we know how much and stuff……One more thing is that I think you were good in your speed of talking.. One thing you can Improve is that maybe you could speak a little loader but all together this was an AMAZING Tutorial 😀
    (that cheesecake better be good)
    Bye! 😛

  9. Good Morning or not Haruna!
    This is a really good tutorial. You put a lot of time into it. I can see that. DERP

    I liked how you used smart editing tips to change your clothes, crack open eggs. and more! It was a smart way to grab the viewers attention and make the video fun. I liked the fact that you said, “lazy people can even do it”. I can immediately tell that the tutorial won’t be too hard. When you focused on to the cake, my mouth kinda felt like biting the screen. I like the fact that you used music that fit the topic of cooking. It felt nice and calm.

    I learned that if your ever mixing any thing with a hand mixer, you should put it in the bowl first, then you should start mixing. Secondly, I learned you can turn the bowl to get a equal amount of mixing and to get the sides off.

    You could improve and just a few things. The first thing I thought was, you could put the step you are going to do, and keep them on until the next step. This is useful because you can know what step you are on. You should also up the tips you say so the viewers remember. These are the only improvements i feel you need.

    Relax…… You’ll do great!

  10. Hi Haruna!

    Your tutorial is AWESOME!! I’m totally gonna try to make this at home!

    I really liked how you gave tips in the very beginning of the tutorial. This is good because then the viewer can easily see what they should do from the beginning and then they can make sure they do that.
    I also really liked how you added the words/captions to the ingredient part and said how much you needed on the corners. This is good because then the viewer can easily see what they need to add.
    Another thing I liked was how you edited the video and how you changed into comfortable clothes and how you changed from whole eggs into cracked eggs. This is good because then its really interesting for the viewer and then its not boring and is very unique.

    I learned that making a cheesecake can be pretty easy after all.
    I also learned that if you want to make a cheesecake you want to make sure it’s mixed properly so that there will not be any chunks in the cheesecake.

    I think that something you could improve on is to make your voice louder and that the voiceover doesn’t have any pauses and that it goes smoothly. This will help the viewer be able to understand it better.

    Other than that your tutorial was AWESOME! (I know I already said that in the beginning but its really GOOD)


  11. Great job Haruna! I think your tutorial is very creative and you used lots of really strong editing skills to make it stay interesting, even though it was long and had lots of details. I’m glad you were inspired by other students as well! I’m looking forward to your next tutorial 🙂

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