Another math blog post(-_-) :(

Hi guys!!

I have another math blog post 🙁 I know Mr. Fedley is so evil (-_-)
The topic we learned is Measurement & Probability.

In the topic Measurement we learned about converting units and areas. Some of the questions that we had during converting units were what is 10cm in mm. Another questions we had in areas was find the area of the triangle.
The other topic is Probability we learned about chances in fractions, decimals and percentages. For example we learned about certain. Certain is 1/1, 1.0 and 100%. 

I enjoyed the probability unit the most and in the unit I mostly enjoyed making the booklets.
The most challenging unit for me was the measurement because converting units was a little hard for me.

I think I need to improve in the measurement unit by memorizing converting. In the probability unit I want to improve on changing the fractions, decimals and percentages.

BYE!!!!! 🙂

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