Hiyaku Concert Reflection |Music

In music class we’ve been working on a piece called “Hiyaku” and we performed it at the Hougaku concert. Here is the performance video and a reflection.

Overall I feel that my preparation was pretty effective. This is because I was able to play the piece smoothly and memorize it fully. To¬†memorize the best way to practice was by separating the piece into small sections. For example section A, I separated into 2 measures each. Then I made a story in my head so every section flowed and connected smoothly. I think this way was effective because it wasn’t just memorizing numbers and strings, it was more of memorizing a story so it was easier and more fun. To play smoothly and perfect my performance the best way to practice was by playing with the recording. So first I played with the Koto 2 recording, to make sure I got my rhythm, speed, dynamic and memorization perfect. Then with the Koto 1 recording to make sure I understood how it was suppose to sound all together. I think this was good because it made me more comfortable to perform as a big group.

To improve next time I want to keep my method the same but I want to make sure I practice efficiently and use my time wisely. So next time I want to make sure as well as playing it from the start, focus on my troublesome areas. This way the fluidity and my confidence is equal in all areas so I won’t get nervous as much. Another improvement I want to make is to practice more with the recording of the other part so how it all sounds is stuck in my head, instead of only my part. I think these improvements will be useful because my performance will be more strong.

Overall I think the class performed okay but not to the full potential and had a lot of room to improve. I think that we did well on being confident throughout the performance. I feel like we didn’t too well on keeping the tempo. I think that mostly the three note part messed Koto 2 up.For example 2:11-2:14, and 2:43-2:45. We did it too slow which lead us to being behind. However I think we were able to bring it back together since the section wasn’t too long and we were almost at the end of the section. I think to improve we really need to listen to each other’s part so we don’t fall apart. Also I think we need to trust each other more, since we were fairly new at playing with such a big group we were quiet nervous of being off. Individually I feel like¬†I performed way below my expectation. I was able to play smoothly, but I was really nervous which lead me to not being confident and not playing strongly. Also because I used my music, so I relied on it, so I feel like I wasted the time I tried to memorize because I did it well without my music at rehearsal, but I got nervous before going on stage. So next time I want to make sure I have confidence and I am well prepared.


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