Unit 4 Reflection |Spanish

In this unit generally I think I was able to make my sentences more advanced and got more confident with trying out new things. I did this by learning how to use commands. Although I was confused at first, with reassurance I think I was able to further my understanding and the usage. Another thing I learned was new unit vocabularies, such as body parts and reflexive verbs. This was useful because now I am able to write more specifically with more details. Lastly in this unit I learned different expressions like tener expressions to help me give advice to others. I think this helped me to have more variety in my sentences.

During this unit I think what helped was little homeworks we had. For example the poster we made about commands because I was really able to understand the topic better and fix my mistakes. Also I think studying with quizlet consistently helped remind me old things. This was helpful because sometimes you forget old things when you learn more advanced new things.

One goal I have for next semester is to perfect my conjugation. Now that we have learned 4-5 types of conjugation I need to always be reminded of it so it can help my basic knowledge. I want to do this by using quizlet about the conjugation more frequently.


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