First Two Weeks Of High School |Tutor

The last two weeks was my first two weeks of high school. It was great and nerving at the same time.

During the past weeks I learned that how most classes works and the work load hasn’t changed too much, which was a good smooth transition from middle school. There’s nothing that I don’t understand this far because it hasn’t changed much. The only concern I have is the homework load and how much homework we will get per week.

The highpoint for the week was joining new activities as well as experiencing classes with different teachers and students. This was fun because the teacher and classmates really set the mood for that specific class. Another highpoint is making new friends and meeting new people. This is exciting since I can expand my comfort zone and my friendship. The low point for the week was getting used to the new system of all the classes with different classmates because it confuses me a lot. Another low point was not always being all your classes with all your friends. So the classmates were a exciting and challenging for me.

This year I am going to organize my homework by writing it on my planner since I am a visual learner and like to see everything. I also make lists of my homework in a priority depending on my due date and my strengths.

I hope this year will be an eventful and a great learning experience for myself.

– Haruna

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