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Nature vs nurture, has been our big topic in our unit of psychology. Nature is what’s in us, like our instinct. It’s genetically influenced traits which we can’t change naturally. Such as how we look, our gender and more. On the other hand nurture is something we’re taught. Which we gain and shaped by the environment as we grow, like using chopsticks when we eat or how children often listens to what adults tell them.¬†There has been¬†big debates about how the concept of “nature vs nurture” affects human behavior, which many researches has been trying to figure out to improve our understandings.

One of the most debated case is gender stereotypes. According to a research by Cambridge University, adults tend to stereotype genders because of how they were nurtured. They did a experiment where they brought in toddlers dressed up as the opposite gender and saw which toys the adults gave them. All of the experiments showed that by how they look, they gave toys that matched it. So for toddlers which are dressed like girls, they gave them stereotypical girl toys like dolls and bears. And for toddlers like boys, they game them toys such as helicopters and cars. Which shows that nurture affects how we think and stereotype.

However by another experiment by Hines, showed that nurture may not have much affect. They laid out stereotypical girl and boy toys for infant monkeys to pick. With monkey’s there is no nurture involved, meaning it’s only their nature that will influence their choice. The male monkey’s chose “boy” toys and female monkey’s chose “girl” toys. And one specific female monkey digged out a fluffy pink “girl” toy, out of bag filled with other toys. Which strongly supports that nature does have a big impact on which toys appeal to them .

Overall, behavior is not influenced by either nature or nurture. It’s both combined and not necessarily one side has a specific effect.



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