Interacting with Orphans |GCD: Community Engagement

This is my reflection on being a part of the VanDerPoel service group.

Photos from the Christmas party

VanDerPoel group photo
Decorating for the party
Interaction with each of our “buddies” (Photos are edited for safety reasons)

– Haruna

One thought on “Interacting with Orphans |GCD: Community Engagement

  1. Hi Haruna,

    I’m reviewing this post as part of the GCD Community Engagement core value. I enjoyed listening to your audio reflection and involvement with the children who came to the holiday party and hearing about your learning about your own understandings. I do question your use of the term ‘orphans’ though, as many of the children in Children’s Home actually DO have parents but are in tough situations where it is not healthy for them to live with their parents. But that’s just something to think about.

    Approved for GCD.


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