Shots and Angles – English

Hi Guys!! 🙂 In English class we have started a film study unit. We were discussing about different film shots and effects. We looked at manga’s like Naruto and we found few different film shots which are bird’s eye view (high angle shot), worm’s eye view (low angle shot), close up, extreme close up and […]

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Another math blog post(-_-) :(

Hi guys!! I have another math blog post 🙁 I know Mr. Fedley is so evil (-_-) The topic we learned is Measurement & Probability. In the topic Measurement we learned about converting units and areas. Some of the questions that we had during converting units were what is 10cm in mm. Another questions we had in areas was find the area of the triangle. […]

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Hi guys!!! Today I’m going to talk about a civilization. In humanities we made our own civilization and make a national geographic. Civilization is a group of people together and they have the same rules, government, economy and culture. This is the page of my magazine that I am most proud of.   I’m proud […]

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Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hi guys As you probably know I am going to make my own tutorial and I am really excited for it!! So in tech class we made a storyboard, timeline and script for our own tutorial. So please enjoy this post!! Class criteria For the script I think it is great because my script is […]

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