Another math blog post(-_-) :(

Hi guys!! I have another math blog post 🙁 I know Mr. Fedley is so evil (-_-) The topic we learned is Measurement & Probability. In the topic Measurement we learned about converting units and areas. Some of the questions that we had during converting units were what is 10cm in mm. Another questions we had in areas was find the area of the triangle. […]

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Introduction to Measurment

Hi guys We have to have another math blog post 🙁 So this is the unit question ‘How can we calculate using measurement?’ The AOI which stands of Area Of Interaction is ‘environment’.   This is one way you can measure on the digital environment. Mr.Fedley uses this to see who com visits his blog. […]

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Comparing Decimals

Hey guys 🙂 We got in to pairs and measured 3 things outside and we calculated how much it takes up spaces. Reina and I did Telephone, Umbrella and a Table. 【TELEPHONE】 The length is 38.5cm and the weight is 22.3cm. 38.5 x 22.5 = 858.55cm^2 OR…. 0.085855m  【UMBRELLA】 The length 60cm and the weigh […]

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Our Introduction to fractions

Halo:) So this is gonna be a blog post for math:( Ya I know what you thought NOOOOOO. I know because I did the same reaction when our teacher said that. First I’m gonna tell what fraction is. Fraction is a piece from a whole something.For example 2 piece from a whole pizza that has […]

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