Tutorial Plan Reflection

Hi guys As you probably know I am going to make my own tutorial and I am really excited for it!! So in tech class we made a storyboard, timeline and script for our own tutorial. So please enjoy this post!! Class criteria For the script I think it is great because my script is […]

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What makes a good teacher?

Hey guys!! In tech class we are gonna make a tutorial so that basically means we are a teacher of the future!!! So we are talking what makes a good teacher. First of all I think what makes a good teacher is a teacher that can explain really easily and the information is straight forward. […]

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Tutorial Investigate Reflection

Hi guys!!! πŸ™‚ In tech class we did a tutorial research. We checked tutorials and we said what you learned, what was good and something to improve on. Also we went to another person’s blog and commented on their ‘My Favorite Tutorial’ blog post. I commented on YuJin’s and Julynn’s. By watching both tutorial we […]

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My favorite tutorial

Hi guys!!! Sorry for making new posts. Today I’m going to talk about my favorite tutorial videos. One of my favorite tutorial video is. These are the reason I like this video. They told where the materials were from. Also they put the link so it’s easier.This is good because who ever is watching can […]

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Create Reflection

In tech class we have learned how to change our blogs. For example changing the menu and the categories. Basically we have just changed how our blogs look so we like it and it’s more useful. So I know some of you may noticed that my blog hasn’t changed much (theme and background). That was […]

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Plan Reflection

In technology class we made 3 design for our blogs. We chose 1 from all of our designs. This design was what I wanted my blog to look like in the end of the year. After we chose our design we labeled it and then we looked at the real templates and chose the one […]

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Investigate Reflection

For the last few classes in technology we have been learning about how to make a successful blog. We started off with making brainstorms and doing blog investigation. For the brainstorm we did it to get an idea of what we want to write on our blogs. For the blog investigation we did it to […]

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