OKOTO Concert Reflection |Music

My music class have been practicing a piece called Okoto and we were able to perform on Wednesday. I think the preparation leading up to the concert wasn’t very good. I felt like I didn’t practice much and didn’t play confidently until I realized that the performance day was coming up. However once I realized […]

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OKOTO Progress |Music

Hey guys!! This is a video of me playing a part of a piece called “Okoto” on the Koto. While practicing this piece I had few parts that I find difficult. One was on page 4 line 1, 3rd measure. I find this difficult because the beat is slower than I imagined and when I […]

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Menuet |Music

Hi Guys!!! In Music class we have chosen our own song and now we are playing it on the Koto! I chose a song called Menuet by J.S. Bach. There were 2ย things I found difficult about this piece. First thing is changing and finding the tuning. First try I did I tuned my Koto the […]

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Jupiter Music Process|Music

Hi guys!! This is a short video of me playing the piece we are practicing in music class. We are playing a piece called ‘Jupiter’ at our concert ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m upset our grade has to use the music while our performance but it’s cool because using our music means less mistakes and perform our best) […]

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Jupiter Focus Areas|Music

Hi guys!!! This is a video of me playing my 3 focus areas. Please enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that my progress so far is pretty steady and going good. But I still need to memorize few more parts and practice more so the whole piece will go together smoothly without stopping. For the focus area […]

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Jupiter Focus Area |Music

Hey guys!!! In music class we are working on a music piece called ‘Jupiter’. This is a short video of me playing a part that I have been working on to improve. This was the hardest section out of the focus areas. So far I think I am doing pretty well. I memorized section 8 […]

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Jupiter |Music

Hey guys!!! In music class we are preparing a koto piece called “Jupiter”. So this is me playing a part of it so please enjoy!! For this piece I think so far of my progress is pretty well because I memorized about half of the piece and the rhythm and the tempo for the part […]

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Tsuchi Ningyo |Music

Hi guys!! This is a short video of me playing a part of ‘Tsuchi Ningyo’ on the Koto. I think that my performance mostly had a steady beat. I also think I did a good job of not rushing because when I play I usually started rushing my performance towards the end. I think I […]

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