Grade 6 Showcase Portfolio

Hi guys!!

Through grade 6 I was a communicator, inquirer, risk-taker, open-minded and I think I have to improve on balance.

I was a communicator by sharing my ideas with my classmates and also by talking to my friends about that topic. I also was inquirer by asking questions to my friend and my teachers. Also when I had a question with my homework I will ask my friends and I will also send my teacher a message. I was a risk-taker by doing something that nobody wanted to do by doing for the class. Plus I was open-minded because whenever I do group work so I listen to other people’s idea too and choose as a group. I wasn’t much a balanced person because for some subjects I talked a lot and didn’t listen and for other subjects it was the opposite and I listened and didn’t much talk

When I did my art self portrait I was a communicator as well as when I did my spanish worksheet because for both work I communicated with my friends to get help and to give my friends suggestions.  I was a inquirer when I did my blog post for drama, basketball video for p.e., blog post for technology and quality document for technology. This is because I asked my friends questions for things I didn’t understand. In English I was a risk taker because I did the part where everybody didn’t want to do on the holes presentation. When I  did my Tonga group work for humanities I was open-minded as well as teaching toolbox in math. I did this by using my partner’s suggestion and ideas. In science and Japanese when we did our dichotomous key poster and our friendship story making I wasn’t really balanced because I wasn’t sure for some parts I didn’t ask and also I talked too much and I couldn’t concentrate on my work and I couldn’t listen to others. I want to improve this point before I go up to grade 7.



ART – Self Portrait 



 SPANISH – Worksheet


DRAMA – First Blog Comment

P.E. – Basketball Video

TECHNOLOGY – First Blog Post

TUTOR – Qualities in Action

MUSIC – Recording Blog Post


ENGLISH – Holes Presentation


HUMANITIES – Tonga group work

MATH – Teaching Toolbox (The question and plans I made with my partner)


SCIENCE – Force Worksheet

JAPANESE -News Paper making

Also we made a SMART goal. SMART goal stands for Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely. These are the links.
Goal Setting Template  
Learner Profile Brainstorm

1. Don’t get distracted by my iPhone.

2. Wake up when my timer goes

3.Be positive with activities in different subjects.

So that’s about it. Hope you enjoyed it!!

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